Bass Guitar Brands

30 Most Popular Bass Guitar Brands

Bass guitars provide deep, low sounds that make songs feel full and powerful. Many companies make bass guitars, but some brands are more favored because they are known for their high quality and great sound.

Here are some of the most popular bass guitar brands and their best models:

1. Fender

Fender is a giant of the bass world. Introduced in the 1950s, their Precision Bass (P-Bass) and Jazz Bass models are the standard by which all others are measured. Countless legends have played Fenders, and they’re as popular today as they ever were.

Iconic Models:

  1. Precision Bass (P-Bass)
  • Features: Known for its split-coil pickup, the P-Bass offers a punchy and solid tone. It has a simple yet iconic design that has been a staple in the music industry.
  • Famous Players: James Jamerson (Motown), Steve Harris (Iron Maiden), and Sting (The Police).
  1. Jazz Bass (J-Bass)
  • Features: The J-Bass has dual single-coil pickups and a slimmer neck, providing a more versatile and dynamic sound. It’s perfect for both slap bass and fingerstyle.
  • Famous Players: Jaco Pastorius, Geddy Lee (Rush), and Marcus Miller.
  1. Fender Mustang Bass
  • Features: Shorter scale length, making it easier to play for those with smaller hands or those who prefer a more compact bass. Known for its punchy tone and playability.
  • Famous Players: Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads), Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones).

2. Gibson

While known more for their guitars, Gibson’s Thunderbird and SG basses have a dedicated following. They’re known for a more mid-range punch compared to the Fender models.

Iconic Models:

  1. Thunderbird
  • Features: Unique body shape with powerful humbucking pickups that deliver a deep, growly tone. Known for its distinct appearance and sound.
  • Famous Players: Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe), John Entwistle (The Who).
  1. EB-0/EB-3
  • Features: Short scale basses with a thick, warm tone. The EB-3 includes additional tone shaping capabilities with its versatile controls.
  • Famous Players: Jack Bruce (Cream), Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones).
  1. Gibson Grabber
  • Features: Sliding pickup allows for variable tonal options. Known for its aggressive sound, particularly in rock music.
  • Famous Players: Gene Simmons (KISS).

3. Ibanez

Favored by rock and metal players, Ibanez basses are sleek, fast, and versatile. They have a range of models to fit every budget, from beginner to pro.

Iconic Models:

  1. SR Series
  • Features: Lightweight body and thin neck, offering great playability. Active electronics provide versatile sound options suitable for various music genres.
  • Famous Players: Gary Willis (Tribal Tech), Sharlee D’Angelo (Arch Enemy).
  1. BTB Series
  • Features: Extended range with five and six-string options, neck-through construction for sustain, and premium tone woods for a rich sound.
  • Famous Players: Paul Gray (Slipknot), Adam Nitti.
  1. Ibanez Soundgear (SR) Prestige
  • Features: High-end version of the SR series, with enhanced electronics and superior craftsmanship for professional performance.

4. Music Man

Their StingRay bass, with its humbucking pickup and active electronics, is legendary. Music Man basses are known for their distinct sound and high quality.

Iconic Models:

  1. StingRay
  • Features: Known for its single humbucking pickup with active electronics, delivering a powerful and distinctive round sound. It’s a favorite among bassists for its reliability and tone.
  • Famous Players: Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Louis Johnson (The Brothers Johnson).
  1. Sterling
  • Features: Slightly smaller and lighter than the StingRay, with similar tonal qualities. It offers a more modern design and comfortable playability.
  • Famous Players: Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel).
  1. Bongo
  • Features: Modern design with dual humbuckers and advanced electronics for a powerful and clear tone. Known for its ergonomic design and versatile sound.
  • Famous Players: John Myung (Dream Theater).

5. Rickenbacker

Think of that jangly, growly sound from songs like “Day Tripper” by The Beatles. That’s a Rickenbacker. A favorite among rock players from the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Iconic Models:

  1. 4003
  • Features: Iconic design with a stereo output option. Known for its biting mid-range tone and sustain, making it a favorite for rock and progressive music.
  • Famous Players: Chris Squire (Yes), Geddy Lee (Rush), Paul McCartney (The Beatles).
  1. 4001
  • Features: The predecessor to the 4003, with a similar look and sound. Famous for its growl and punch.
  • Famous Players: Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead).

6. Warwick

The beast from Germany. Warwick basses are known for their impeccable craftsmanship and deep, growling tones. They’re favored by many funk and rock players.

Iconic Models:

  1. Thumb Bass
  • Features: Unique body shape and exotic woods. Known for its growly and articulate tone, suitable for various music styles from funk to metal.
  • Famous Players: Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne), Jack Bruce (Cream).
  1. Corvette
  • Features: Versatile pickups and ergonomic design. Offers a rich and full sound, popular among jazz and rock players.
  • Famous Players: Robert Trujillo (Metallica), Dirk Lance (Incubus).
  1. Streamer
  • Features: Sleek design with high-quality components. Known for its comfort and wide range of tones.
  • Famous Players: P-Nut (311).

7. Spector

With their distinctive curved bodies and punchy sound, Spector basses have been beloved since the 1970s.

Iconic Models:

  1. NS Series
  • Features: Neck-through construction with active electronics. Known for its clear and punchy sound, popular in rock and metal.
  • Famous Players: Doug Wimbish (Living Colour), Mike Starr (Alice in Chains).
  1. Euro Series
  • Features: High-quality European craftsmanship with powerful electronics. Delivers a professional-grade sound and feel.
  • Famous Players: Rex Brown (Pantera).
  1. Legend Series
  • Features: More affordable bolt-on neck models that still offer great tone and playability.

8. G&L

Founded by Leo Fender after he left the Fender company, G&L basses are like the evolved versions of the classic Fenders, with some innovative twists.

Iconic Models:

  1. L-2000
  • Features: Dual humbuckers with active/passive switches and a variety of tonal options. Known for its versatility and powerful sound.
  • Famous Players: Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith).
  1. JB
  • Features: Classic Jazz Bass design with single-coil pickups, providing a smooth and balanced tone. Notable for its playability among session musicians.
  1. Kiloton
  • Features: Single humbucker for a punchy, straightforward tone. Compact and easy to play.

9. Yamaha

From motorcycles to pianos, Yamaha does it all. Their basses are no exception. Reliable, well-made, and versatile, they fit many styles and budgets.

Iconic Models:

  1. BB Series
  • Features: Classic design with split-coil and single-coil pickups. Known for its reliability and versatility, suitable for various genres.
  • Famous Players: Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order), Nathan East (Eric Clapton).
  1. TRBX Series
  • Features: Modern design with active electronics. Offers comfortable playability and a wide range of sounds.
  • Famous Players: Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big), John Patitucci.
  1. Attitude Series
  • Features: Signature model for Billy Sheehan, known for its powerful tone and unique design.

10. Epiphone

Owned by Gibson, Epiphone produces more affordable versions of Gibson models and other unique designs. They’re a great choice for budding bassists.

Iconic Models:

  1. EB-3
  • Features: Based on Gibson’s SG design, with humbucking pickups that deliver a deep and warm sound.
  • Famous Players: Jack Bruce (Cream).
  1. Toby Deluxe IV
  • Features: Ergonomic body shape and active pickups. Offers great value and versatility.
  1. Viola Bass
  • Features: Inspired by the Hofner violin bass, known for its vintage look and smooth, thumpy tone.
  • Famous Players: Modeled after Paul McCartney’s famous bass.

11. Alembic

Known for their high-end craftsmanship and custom designs, Alembic basses are a work of art, both in appearance and sound.

Iconic Models:

  1. Series I
  • Features: Custom-built with high-quality materials, active electronics, and filters for precise tone control. Known for its rich, clear sound and exceptional craftsmanship.
  • Famous Players: Stanley Clarke, John Entwistle (The Who).
  1. Series II
  • Features: Advanced electronics with individual volume controls for each pickup, multiple tone filters, and superior build quality.
  • Famous Players: Mark King (Level 42).
  1. Europa
  • Features: Sleek design with powerful electronics, featuring a bass and treble boost/cut for versatile sound shaping.

12. B.C. Rich

With their aggressive shapes like the Warlock and Mockingbird, B.C. Rich basses scream metal. They’re flashy, loud, and not for the faint-hearted.

Iconic Models:

  1. Warlock Bass
  • Features: Aggressive body shape, dual humbuckers for a powerful and distorted tone. Popular in metal and hard rock genres.
  • Famous Players: Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe).
  1. Mockingbird Bass
  • Features: Unique design with versatile tone controls. Known for its rich, full sound and striking appearance.
  • Famous Players: Paolo Gregoletto (Trivium).
  1. Eagle Bass
  • Features: Classic B.C. Rich design with comfortable playability and a range of tones from warm to aggressive.

13. ESP

ESP and their LTD line are favorites among rock and metal players. Known for their sharp designs and punchy sound.

Iconic Models:

  1. LTD B Series
  • Features: Affordable yet high-quality basses with active electronics, ideal for beginners and intermediate players. Known for their reliability and versatile sound.
  • Famous Players: Tom Araya (Slayer).
  1. LTD F Series
  • Features: Modern design with powerful pickups, providing a punchy and clear tone suitable for metal and rock.
  • Famous Players: Frank Bello (Anthrax).
  1. ESP E-II
  • Features: Professional-grade instruments with superior craftsmanship, offering a wide range of tones and exceptional playability.

14. Squier

Owned by Fender, Squier produces budget-friendly versions of Fender models. A fantastic starting point for many budding bassists.

Iconic Models:

  1. Classic Vibe Series
  • Features: Vintage-inspired designs with modern playability and affordable price. Known for their quality and tone.
  1. Affinity Series
  • Features: Great for beginners, offering solid build quality and good sound at an affordable price.
  1. Contemporary Series
  • Features: Modern features and sleek designs, providing versatile sounds and improved playability.

15. Gretsch

While more famous for their hollow-body guitars, Gretsch’s basses offer a classic, retro look and a unique tone.

Iconic Models:

  1. Electromatic Bass
  • Features: Retro design with dual humbucking pickups, offering a warm and thumpy tone. Known for its vintage vibe and rich sound.
  • Famous Players: Tim Armstrong (Rancid).
  1. Broadkaster Bass
  • Features: Classic Gretsch aesthetics with powerful pickups, delivering a clear and punchy sound.
  1. Junior Jet Bass
  • Features: Short-scale bass with a comfortable neck and punchy tone, perfect for smaller hands or guitarists switching to bass.

16. Hofner

Paul McCartney made the Hofner Violin Bass iconic. It’s known for its lightweight, violin-shaped body and warm, thuddy sound.

Iconic Models:

  1. 500/1 Violin Bass
  • Features: Iconic design famously used by Paul McCartney. Known for its lightweight, hollow body, and smooth, warm tone.
  • Famous Players: Paul McCartney (The Beatles).
  1. Club Bass
  • Features: Similar to the Violin Bass but with a different body shape, offering a rich, vintage tone.
  1. President Bass
  • Features: Classic design with a deep, resonant tone, suitable for jazz and vintage rock genres.

17. Schecter

Schecter offers a range of basses from the classic to the contemporary. Known for their versatility and quality, they’re favorites among many modern rock and metal players.

Iconic Models:

  1. Stiletto Series
  • Features: Sleek design with active electronics, offering a wide range of tones. Known for its playability and aggressive sound.
  • Famous Players: Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe).
  1. Hellraiser Extreme
  • Features: Designed for metal and hard rock, with powerful EMG pickups and a fast neck.
  1. Model T
  • Features: Classic design with modern features, delivering a versatile and punchy sound.

18. Peavey

The budget-friendly powerhouse. Peavey’s basses are solid, affordable, and pack a punch. They’ve been a go-to for working musicians for decades.

Iconic Models:

  1. Cirrus Series
  • Features: High-end basses with neck-through construction and active electronics, offering a clear and articulate tone.
  • Famous Players: Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne).
  1. Millennium Series
  • Features: Affordable basses with great build quality and versatile sound options, suitable for various music styles.
  1. T-40
  • Features: Vintage model with a cult following, known for its versatile tone and solid build

19. Jackson

A favorite among metal players, Jackson basses are known for their sleek designs and fast necks. They scream aggression and are built for speed.

Iconic Models:

  1. Concert Bass
  • Features: Sleek design with powerful pickups, delivering a punchy and aggressive tone. Popular in metal and rock genres.
  • Famous Players: David Ellefson (Megadeth).
  1. JS Series
  • Features: Affordable yet high-quality basses with great playability, suitable for beginners and intermediate players.
  1. X Series
  • Features: Modern designs with advanced electronics, providing a wide range of tones for various music styles.

20. Sandberg

German Sandberg bass guitars are known for their impeccable build quality and modern sound. They’re versatile and a favorite among many professional players.

Iconic Models:

  1. California Series
  • Features: High-quality craftsmanship with versatile pickups and electronics, offering a wide range of tones.
  • Famous Players: Ida Nielsen (Prince).
  1. Forty Eight
  • Features: Unique body shape with powerful tone options, designed for modern and aggressive playing styles.
  • Famous Players: Oliver Riedel (Rammstein).
  1. VM Series
  • Features: Combines classic and modern elements, with split-coil and humbucking pickups for versatile sound options.

21. Dingwall

Dingwall basses are unique in their use of fanned frets, offering better intonation and string tension. They have a distinctive modern sound and look.

Iconic Models:

  1. Combustion
  • Features: Multi-scale design for better string tension and playability, active electronics for a versatile sound.
  • Famous Players: Adam “Nolly” Getgood (Periphery).
  1. NG Series
  • Features: Signature model for Nolly Getgood, featuring Dingwall’s fan-fret system and advanced electronics for a modern, punchy tone.
  • Famous Players: Adam “Nolly” Getgood (Periphery).
  1. Afterburner
  • Features: Premium materials and construction, offering a clear and articulate sound with Dingwall’s signature multi-scale design.
  • Famous Players: Leland Sklar.

22. Lakland

Lakland basses have a rep for their superb playability and tonal versatility. Many session musicians swear by them.

Iconic Models:

  1. Skyline Series
  • Features: High-quality yet affordable basses with active or passive electronics, known for their versatile sound and playability.
  • Famous Players: Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), Adam Clayton (U2).
  1. USA Series
  • Features: Handcrafted in the USA, offering superior build quality and tone, with options for customization.
  • Famous Players: Darryl Jones (The Rolling Stones), Donald “Duck” Dunn (Booker T. & the M.G.’s).

23. Sterling by Music Man

The more affordable sibling brand of Music Man, Sterling offers solid basses inspired by the legendary Music Man designs.

Iconic Models:

  1. Ray34
  • Features: Affordable version of the Music Man StingRay, featuring active electronics and a powerful humbucking pickup.
  • Famous Players: Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel).
  1. SUB Series
  • Features: Entry-level basses with solid build quality and active electronics, providing great value and versatility.

24. Cort

Cort is one of the world’s largest guitar makers, and their basses offer incredible value for money. They’re known for both original designs and collaborations with other brands.

Iconic Models:

  1. A Series
  • Features: Modern design with active electronics, offering a wide range of tones suitable for various genres.
  1. GB Series
  • Features: Vintage-inspired design with modern features, providing a classic tone with contemporary playability.
  1. Artisan Series
  • Features: High-end basses with premium woods and electronics, known for their rich and detailed sound.

25. PRS (Paul Reed Smith)

While PRS is more known for their guitars, their basses are just as exquisite. They come with the signature PRS craftsmanship and tonal quality.

Iconic Models:

  1. Grainger 4/5
  • Features: Signature model for bassist Gary Grainger, featuring active/passive electronics and a wide range of tones.
  • Famous Players: Gary Grainger.
  1. SE Kingfisher
  • Features: Affordable yet high-quality bass with a modern design and versatile sound, featuring dual humbuckers.
  1. SE Kestrel
  • Features: Classic design with single-coil pickups, offering a smooth and balanced tone.

26. Charvel

Charvel basses were a staple in the 80s rock scene and continue to offer that blend of vintage and modern vibes.

Iconic Models:

  1. Pro-Mod San Dimas Bass
  • Features: Modern design with powerful electronics, providing a punchy and clear tone.
  1. PJ Bass
  • Features: Combines Precision and Jazz Bass elements for a versatile sound, with high-output pickups.

27. Carvin (now Kiesel)

Carvin, which rebranded as Kiesel, offers custom-built basses. You get high-quality instruments tailored to your preferences.

Iconic Models:

  1. LB Series
  • Features: Customizable basses with high-quality components and a wide range of tonal options.
  • Famous Players: Bunny Brunel.
  1. Icon Series
  • Features: Ergonomic design with active electronics, known for their clear and articulate sound.
  1. Vanquish Series
  • Features: Modern design with advanced electronics, providing a versatile and powerful tone.

28. MTD (Michael Tobias Design)

MTD basses are known for their ergonomic designs and exceptional tonal range. They’re the choice of many top-tier bassists.

Iconic Models:

  1. Kingston Series
  • Features: Affordable basses with professional quality, featuring active electronics and versatile sound options.
  • Famous Players: Andrew Gouche.
  1. American Series
  • Features: High-end, handcrafted basses with exceptional build quality and a wide range of tones.
  • Famous Players: Norm Stockton.

29. Dean

Dean basses are known for their distinctive shapes and robust tones. They’ve been a favorite among rock and metal players for years.

Iconic Models:

  1. Edge Series
  • Features: Affordable basses with solid construction and versatile electronics, suitable for various music styles.
  • Famous Players: David Vincent (Morbid Angel).
  1. Rhapsody Series
  • Features: Unique body shapes with active electronics, offering a rich and full sound.
  1. Metalman Series
  • Features: Aggressive design with high-output pickups, tailored for metal and hard rock genres.

30. Zon

Zon basses stand out with their unique materials and cutting-edge designs. They’re all about innovation and pushing the boundaries.

Iconic Models:

  1. Sonus Series
  • Features: Modern design with advanced electronics and graphite necks, providing a stable and clear tone.
  • Famous Players: Michael Manring.
  1. Legacy Series
  • Features: High-end basses with custom options, known for their exceptional craftsmanship and tonal versatility.
  1. Mosaic Series
  • Features: Combines traditional design with modern features, offering a wide range of tones and playability.