11 Best Online Bass Guitar Lessons – Dive into the Deep Grooves

So, you’ve decided to dive into the world of bass guitar. Whether you’re just picking up the instrument or looking to refine those silky grooves, online lessons can be your best bud.

But with so many out there, which ones are genuinely worth your time (and possibly money)? Fret not, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Here’s a run-down of the best online bass guitar lessons that’ll get you groovin’ in no time!

1. Scott’s Bass Lessons

Why it rocks: Scott Devine, the face behind this popular platform, combines passion with expertise. With a vast library ranging from beginner basics to advanced techniques, it’s no wonder this is often the first stop for many bass enthusiasts.

  • Special Feature: Their ‘Player’s Path’ allows you to get structured, step-by-step guidance.

2. TalkingBass

Why it rocks: Mark J Smith breaks down bass into digestible lessons. It’s like having a friendly tutor who explains everything clearly, ensuring no finger is left behind.

  • Special Feature: Their free ‘Bassic’ membership gives you access to a trove of beginner-friendly lessons and resources.

3. StudyBass

Why it rocks: While it may not have the flashy interface of other platforms, StudyBass offers in-depth theory lessons combined with practical play-alongs.

  • Special Feature: Their unique ‘Bass Lesson Blocks’ ensure a well-rounded learning experience.

4. Josh Fossgreen

Why it rocks: Josh’s YouTube channel is a blend of fun, funky, and informative. Whether it’s song tutorials, bass riffs, or technique breakdowns, Josh makes learning enjoyable.

  • Special Feature: His ‘BassBuzz’ beginner course is a hit, helping novices sound like pros.

5. No Treble

Why it rocks: While more of a bass community, No Treble offers a variety of lessons ranging from beginner to advanced. Plus, they’re regularly updated, so there’s always something new.

  • Special Feature: ‘Groove of the Day.’ Enough said.

6. eBass Guitar

Why it rocks: James Eager provides lessons catering mainly to beginner and intermediate players. His approach simplifies complex ideas, making them easy to grasp.

  • Special Feature: Their ‘Bass Lab PLUS’ membership offers a structured learning plan with a community aspect.

7. BassBuzz

Why it rocks: Perfect for absolute beginners. Their lessons are engaging, ensuring you stay motivated and entertained throughout your bass journey.

  • Special Feature: They offer a challenge where, in just 30 days, they promise to make you sound more like a bassist.

8. Become A Bassist

Why it rocks: Luke from Become A Bassist offers free lessons that cover a range of topics, from techniques and gear reviews to song breakdowns.

  • Special Feature: Their ‘Bass Accelerator’ program promises rapid progress for budding bassists.

9. BassGuitarTips

Why it rocks: This is for the tech-savvy bassists out there. BassGuitarTips melds technology with bass lessons, making use of all digital tools available to offer an innovative learning experience.

  • Special Feature: Their integration of AR (Augmented Reality) in some lessons for an immersive experience.

10. TheBassWizard

Why it rocks: With a name like that, you’d expect some magic, and Marc, the guy behind the channel, doesn’t disappoint. His YouTube lessons range from cool covers to technique breakdowns.

  • Special Feature: Marc’s real-world gigging experience offers a unique perspective to his lessons, especially for those looking to hit the stage.

11. OnlineBassCourses

Why it rocks: Dan’s approach to teaching bass is holistic. He delves deep into the essence of music, ensuring you understand not just the how but also the why.

  • Special Feature: The emphasis on musicality over mere technique is a fresh perspective, especially if you’re looking to be a versatile player.

Wrap-up Groovy Thoughts

Finding the right online bass lesson can be the difference between giving up out of frustration and becoming the next groovy sensation. It’s all about matching your learning style with the right platform. Whether you’re all about that slap or keen on fingerstyle, these lessons cater to every bass craving.

Remember, every bassist’s journey is unique, while lessons guide you, it’s your passion, dedication, and practice that’ll truly refine your sound. The real magic happens when you start meshing what you learn from different sources and crafting your unique style. So, dive deep, explore multiple platforms, mix and match lessons, but most importantly, enjoy every low note you play.

Whether you’re on the path to becoming the backbone of a jazz quartet or the groove master of a rock band, these online lessons will surely pave the way. Just always keep the bass passion alive, keep learning, and most importantly, keep grooving! So, plug in, turn up, and lose yourself in the deep world of bass. Keep it low, keep it groovy!