15 Best Acoustic Guitar Brands

From the vintage stalwarts to the modern marvels, the world of acoustic guitar brands is as diverse as the music they help create. Each brand has its unique story, character, and sound.

Let’s explore some of the most legendary acoustic guitar brands that have been giving our fingers and ears pure bliss over the years:

1. Martin

The OG of Acoustic Guitars

Martin is one of those names that have been synonymous with top-tier acoustic guitars for, well, forever. Founded way back in 1833, Martin has crafted some of the most iconic acoustics known to humankind.

Quick Facts:

  • Famous for their Dreadnought body shape.
  • Used by legends like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.
  • Known for exceptional build quality and rich tones.

2. Taylor

The Modern Maestro

If Martin is the granddaddy, Taylor is like the hip younger uncle. Founded in 1974, they’ve quickly risen to become one of the industry leaders, especially known for their playability and modern design.

Quick Facts:

  • Popularized the Grand Auditorium body shape.
  • Use of sustainable wood and innovative building techniques.
  • Favored by artists like Taylor Swift and Jason Mraz.

3. Gibson

More than Just Les Paul

Sure, when you think Gibson, electric guitars like the Les Paul might come to mind. But let’s not forget their acoustic side, which has been delivering powerful sound for decades.

Quick Facts:

  • Known for models like the J-45 and Hummingbird.
  • A rich history dating back to 1902.
  • Played by legends like Bob Dylan and John Lennon.

4. Yamaha

Quality on a Budget

Yamaha, while known for a whole bunch of things (motorcycles, anyone?), has a solid place in the music world. Especially if you’re just starting out or need something reliable without splurging, Yamaha’s your go-to.

Quick Facts:

  • Models like the FG800 are beginner favorites.
  • Known for consistent build quality across price ranges.
  • A diverse range catering to both beginners and pros.

5. Fender

Not Just a Stratocaster Show

Another brand you might associate with electric axes. But, Fender has been in the acoustic game for a while and offers some great options, especially for those dipping their toes in the acoustic waters for the first time.

Quick Facts:

  • Models like the Newporter and Malibu ooze California vibes.
  • Often comes with built-in electronics for easy amplification.
  • An extensive range is suitable for various skill levels.

6. Seagull

The Canadian Charm

Hailing from the chilly realms of Canada, Seagull guitars are handcrafted with love. They’ve carved out a niche for themselves with their distinct headstock design and commitment to quality.

Quick Facts:

  • Made in a small village in Quebec.
  • Known for using sustainable Canadian wood.
  • Famed for their rich and vibrant tones.

7. Guild

Vintage Vibes Galore

Guild has a rich history and is renowned for producing guitars with impeccable build quality and a vintage touch. They’ve got a unique warmth to them that many players adore.

Quick Facts:

  • Founded in 1952 in New York City.
  • Models like the D-55 and F-412 are legendary.
  • Favored by fingerstyle players and strummers alike.

8. Takamine

The Japanese Jewel

Named after the Takamine Mountains in Japan, this brand has been crafting high-quality guitars since 1962. They’ve been innovators, especially in the realm of acoustic-electric guitars.

Quick Facts:

  • Pioneers in preamp and pickup design in acoustics.
  • Played by legends like Bruce Springsteen.
  • Known for consistent playability and rich tones.

9. Breedlove

The Oregon Innovators

Nestled in the Pacific Northwest, Breedlove is all about innovation. From their unique body shapes to their eco-friendly sourcing, they’re not your average guitar maker.

Quick Facts:

  • Pioneers of the Concerto and Concertina body shapes.
  • Committed to sustainability with their “Clear-cut free” approach.
  • Known for their vibrant sound and distinctive aesthetics.

10. Ibanez

From Rock to Rhythm

While many think of Ibanez in the electric world with their sleek shred machines, their acoustics are equally remarkable. They cater to a vast array of players, from the hobbyist strummer to the touring musician.

Quick Facts:

  • Offers a wide range of affordable options.
  • Models like the Artwood series are known for their versatility.
  • Often equipped with quality electronics for stage-ready performance.

11. Alvarez

A Symphony of Wood and Strings

Alvarez, with their meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of tonewood pairing, creates guitars that are truly music to the ears.

Quick Facts:

  • Founded in 1965 and has a strong presence in the USA.
  • Known for their Masterworks series.
  • A favorite among many singer-songwriters.

12. PRS (Paul Reed Smith)

Beyond the Electrics

Yes, PRS is primarily known for their majestic electric guitars, but don’t sleep on their acoustics. With the same dedication to craftsmanship, their acoustics are truly a sight and sound to behold.

Quick Facts:

  • PRS’s Tonare and Angelus series offer premium acoustic experiences.
  • Known for their eye-catching aesthetics and finishes.
  • Blend of modern build techniques with classic tonality.

13. Cordoba

Nylon-String Nobility

When it comes to classical guitars, Cordoba stands tall. Rooted in the Spanish tradition, they’re all about capturing the essence of the classical guitar.

Quick Facts:

  • Range includes both traditional classical and modern crossover styles.
  • Known for their authentic Spanish feel and sound.
  • Favored by many Flamenco and classical players.

14. Ovation

The Roundback Revolution

You’ve probably seen these unique guitars with their rounded plastic back. Ovation was an innovator in the guitar world, blending technology and tradition.

Quick Facts:

  • Patented roundback design improves projection.
  • Many models come with built-in electronics.
  • Played by legends like Glen Campbell.

15. Epiphone

Gibson’s Sibling

Owned by Gibson, Epiphone offers many of the iconic Gibson acoustic models at a more accessible price point. They’re perfect for those seeking that Gibson sound and feel without the hefty price tag.

Quick Facts:

  • Offers versions of famous Gibson models like the Hummingbird and Dove.
  • Long history dating back to 1873.
  • Known for consistent quality and affordability.