Serial Number

You can determine the year of your guitar by its serial number. We have compiled a large database of guitar serial numbers from the famous guitar brands: Fender, Squier, Gibson, Epiphone, and Ibanez.

If you are looking for information about other well-known brands such as Martin, Taylor, Yamaha, Jackson, PRS, Gretsch, Guild, and others, you will find it on the website.

Fender serial number lookup

Fender Serial Number Lookup

Wondering about the entire journey of your Fender from the factory to your hands? The serial number can help you find out the date and place of manufacture of your instrument. Just check it by using our Fender serial number lookup tools, such as decoder and database charts.

Epiphone serial number lookup

Epiphone Serial Number Lookup

Epiphone serial number usually contains a combination of digits and 1 or 2 letters. To find the Epiphone serial number, look up it on the headstock, on the label inside the top f-hole, or the sound hole. To check the date of your Epiphone refer to the serial number lookup tool.

Ibanez serial number lookup

Ibanez Serial Number Lookup

Ibanez serial number usually consists of a combination of letters and digits. To find the production date of your instrument you can use Ibanez Guitar Dater or check the serial number in our database manually.