50 Most Popular Electric Guitar Brands

From the iconic big players to the underground champions, the world of electric guitars is as diverse as the genres they help create. So, if you’re new to the game, looking for your next gear upgrade, or just trying to win that trivia night at your local pub, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s take a journey through electric guitar brands:

1. Fender

Need we say more? Fender, with its legendary Stratocasters and Telecasters, has been defining the rock sound for decades. It’s the brand that gave us the soulful Jimi Hendrix solos and the twangy country licks.

2. Gibson

Ah, the home of the Les Paul and the SG. Gibson guitars are like the royalty of electric guitars, cherished by legends like Slash and Jimmy Page.

3. Ibanez

Famed for its ultra-fast necks and versatile sound, Ibanez is a favorite among shredders and metalheads.

4. PRS (Paul Reed Smith)

With its gorgeous finishes and a sound that cuts through any mix, PRS is a brand that has found favor with both pros and hobbyists.

5. ESP

The go-to for many heavy metal artists. Its sharp body designs and aggressive tones are perfect for some headbanging action.

6. Rickenbacker

Distinct in its design and tone, Rickenbacker guitars have a jangly sound that became synonymous with bands like The Beatles.

7. Gretsch

Known for its vintage look and warm tones, Gretsch is a favorite in rockabilly, jazz, and country circles.

8. Jackson

Another brand that resonates with metal enthusiasts. Jackson guitars are known for their pointy designs and lightning-fast playability.

9. Squier

A subsidiary of Fender, Squier offers budget-friendly versions of classic Fender models, making it a favorite among beginners.

10. Epiphone

Just like Squier is to Fender, Epiphone is to Gibson. They offer affordable versions of Gibson classics without compromising much on the quality.

11. Yamaha

More than just motorbikes and pianos, Yamaha’s Pacifica series guitars are known for their versatility and affordability.

12. Charvel

A darling among the 80’s shredders, Charvel guitars are built for speed and technical playing.

13. Ernie Ball Music Man

Co-founded by the guitar string pioneer Ernie Ball, this brand offers innovative designs and top-notch craftsmanship.

14. B.C. Rich

Distinctive for its wild shapes like the Warlock and Mockingbird, B.C. Rich guitars scream heavy metal.

15. Washburn

From blues to metal, Washburn has a wide range of guitars that cater to various genres and player preferences.

16. D’Angelico

With its roots in the jazz age of New York, D’Angelico guitars are a blend of vintage charm and modern playability.

17. Danelectro

Offering quirky designs and unique tones, Danelectro is loved for its lipstick pickups and affordability.

18. Schecter

Starting as a parts company, Schecter quickly grew into a full-fledged brand loved by artists from Prince to Avenged Sevenfold.

19. Guild

Known for both their acoustic and electric offerings, Guild electric guitars have a vintage charm and robust build.

20. Steinberger

Headless designs and compact sizes are the trademarks of Steinberger. They’re all about functionality.

21. Kramer

A true child of the 80s, Kramer was the most popular guitar brand of that decade, thanks to its association with rock and glam metal bands.

22. Chapman

Founded by YouTube guitarist Rob Chapman, Chapman Guitars is all about community-driven designs and modern aesthetics.

23. Hagstrom

Swedish brand Hagstrom brings European craftsmanship to the electric guitar world, known for their playability and unique switches.

24. G&L

Founded by Leo Fender post his Fender venture, G&L is often considered the evolution of his previous work, featuring innovative designs and electronics.

25. Parker

Parker Guitars, with their futuristic designs and feather-light bodies, offer a unique playing experience.

26. Cort

Known globally, Cort offers a wide range of electric guitars catering to both beginners and professionals. Their affordability without compromising on quality makes them a popular choice.

27. Godin

This Canadian brand blends innovation with tradition. Godin guitars are crafted with a unique combination of tonewoods and are known for their impeccable craftsmanship.

28. Reverend

Founded in the late ’90s, Reverend offers guitars with retro aesthetics combined with modern features. Their unique bass contour control has won many fans.

29. Peavey

More than just amps! Peavey guitars like the T-60 and Wolfgang series have made significant marks in the guitar world.

30. Italia

Want a blend of vintage vibes and unique designs? Italia guitars, with their retro-futuristic look, are a treat for both eyes and ears.

31. Aria

A Japanese brand with history, Aria guitars have been around since the 1950s, delivering quality instruments across genres.

32. Framus

A German gem! Framus is known for its high-quality guitars and has been endorsed by artists like Earl Slick and Devin Townsend.

33. Eastwood

Recreating classic and rare vintage guitar models, Eastwood brings back the golden era of electric guitars for the modern player.

34. Zemaitis

A boutique brand, Zemaitis is known for its metal-front guitars and intricate designs. A piece of art that you can play!

35. EVH (Eddie Van Halen)

The brand was started by the legendary Eddie Van Halen. These guitars are a testament to Eddie’s genius and his contribution to guitar design.

36. Solar

Founded by Ola Englund, a YouTube guitarist, Solar Guitars caters mainly to metal players with its sharp designs and aggressive tones.

37. Sterling by Music Man

Sterling is to Ernie Ball Music Man what Epiphone is to Gibson – offering more affordable versions of classic designs with great quality.

38. Traveler Guitar

For the wandering musician, Traveler Guitar offers compact designs without compromising on playability and sound.

39. Fernandes

Innovative and known for their sustainer pickup, Fernandes has been a staple in the guitar world, especially in the realms of rock and metal.

40. Suhr

From custom guitars to their modern and classic lines, Suhr is a testament to precision, craftsmanship, and tonal excellence.

41. Tokai

Often termed the “Japanese Fender,” Tokai’s vintage-style guitars offer incredible value for their quality.

42. Hamer

With its beginnings in the ’70s, Hamer Guitars became known for their custom designs and high-quality builds, attracting artists from all genres.

43. Carvin (now Kiesel)

Known for their custom guitars and basses, Carvin (now operating as Kiesel) offers a plethora of options for the discerning player.

44. Larrivée

While primarily known for acoustics, Larrivée’s electric guitars are a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and tone.

45. First Act

Commonly seen as a beginner or budget-friendly guitar, First Act offers an entry into the world of electric guitars for many young players.

46. Agile

Exclusive to Rondo Music, Agile guitars have garnered a cult following for their extended-range guitars at budget-friendly prices.

47. Collings

Meticulously handcrafted, Collings guitars are a fusion of vintage tones and modern playability.

48. Brian May Guitars

Inspired by the legendary Queen guitarist, these guitars replicate the unique designs and tones of Brian May’s iconic Red Special.

49. PureSalem

With a love for offbeat designs, PureSalem offers a range of electric guitars that stand out in both looks and sounds.

50. Vintage

As the name suggests, Vintage offers a range of guitars inspired by the classics but at an affordable price point.