Signature Guitars

Signature guitars are like the sonic fingerprint of a musician. They encapsulate the unique style, preferences, and sonic desires of the artist whose name they bear. These guitars are the result of extensive collaboration between the artist and the manufacturer, aimed at creating an instrument that is a true reflection of the artist’s musical identity.
Let’s dive into the stories behind these unique instruments, exploring their origins, iconic models, and the musicians who wield them.

Britt Daniel Signature Guitar

Britt Daniel’s journey, like the lyrics of a memorable indie song, has been full of genuine emotion, raw energy, and a connection to the roots of music. And, as with any storied musician, a big part of his persona is intertwined with his weapon of choice: his guitar, the Fender Britt Daniel Tele Thinline, a guitar that’s as enigmatic and iconic as the man himself. But what is the story of that guitar? How does it contribute to the distinct sound of Britt Daniel and, by extension, Spoon?

Brian Setzer Guitars

If you’ve ever tapped your foot to “Rock This Town”, you’ve felt the magic of Brian Setzer’s music. And a significant part of that magic is his signature Gretsch guitars. Join us as we dive deep into the world of Brian Setzer’s signature models, exploring the craftsmanship, design, and legacy of these beautiful instruments.

Brian Ray Signature Guitar

Let’s journey through the life and times of Brian Ray, dive deep into the nuances of his signature Gibson, and perhaps by the end of our voyage, you might just be itching to pick up that guitar and strum a few notes, hoping to catch a hint of the magic that Brian brings to every stage.

Brian Welch Guitars

For Brian Welch, his signature ESP guitars have been key companions, helping him express his artistry. Let’s dive into this special bond between musician and instrument, and explore what makes the ESP LTD SH-7 Evertune and ESP LTD SH-207 so significant in Brian’s arsenal.

Brandon Ellis Signature Guitar

Brandon Ellis’ guitar work, reflects a deep understanding of the instrument. It’s no wonder, then, that Jackson, a brand synonymous with the world of heavy music, decided to collaborate with him. Enter the Jackson Pro Series Signature Brandon Ellis Kelly.

Brad Paisley Guitars

Over the years, Brad Paisley has not only been recognized for his incredible vocal abilities and songwriting skills but also his extraordinary guitar prowess. And his signature guitars are as iconic as the man himself.

Brad Davis Signature Guitar

Brad Davis’ intricate picking style, melodic sensibility, and unparalleled technique make him one of the standout figures in the bluegrass and country genre. But beyond his virtuosity, there’s one guitar that has become synonymous with the Brad Davis name: the Alvarez DYM70BD. This guitar isn’t just a tool for Brad; it’s an extension of his musical soul, fine-tuned and crafted to represent his signature sound.