Top 10 SG Style Guitars – Buyers Guide

Originally introduced by Gibson in the early ’60s as a sleeker, more modern alternative to the Les Paul, the SG quickly found favor with many rock legends. With its unique horns and lightweight design, it’s an emblem of rock music!

Let’s delve into the 10 best SG-style guitars that’ll have you shredding in no time:

1. Gibson SG Standard

The Original Heavyweight.

Let’s kick things off with the OG: the Gibson SG Standard. It’s hard to top the original, and in many ways, you just can’t. The Standard has everything you’d expect: a mahogany body, a set neck, and those distinctive ’57 Classic humbuckers. Playability? Top-notch. And the tones? Pure vintage glory. It’s a classic for a reason. If you decide to buy a used Gibson SG, firstly you need to check its authenticity.

2. Epiphone SG Special

More Bang for Your Buck.

Okay, let’s be real, not everyone has the budget to drop big bucks on a Gibson. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get that SG vibe! The Epiphone SG Special delivers the classic SG look and feel, without breaking the bank. Sporting a mahogany body and powerful ceramic humbuckers, it’s perfect for beginners or as a workhorse for gigging musicians.

3. Gibson SG Custom

Classy and Flashy.

If the Standard is the poster child of the SG family, the Custom is its ritzy sibling. Think of all the signature SG features, then add gold hardware, block inlays, and a bound neck. The result? An SG that screams luxury. With three humbuckers, the tonal options are expanded, offering an extra layer of versatility.

4. Ibanez SG

The Eastern Take.

It’s not just the big Western brands that have taken a shot at the SG design. Ibanez, known for its super-fast necks and edgy designs, has its take on the SG style. It’s a bit more streamlined and modern, with Ibanez’s signature touch. Their version often features a faster neck and more versatile electronics, making it ideal for players looking to venture outside classic rock.

5. ESP LTD Viper Series

Metal Monster.

ESP’s LTD Viper series takes the SG shape and gives it a metal makeover. With its sharper contours and aggressive styling, it’s tailor-made for the metal guitarist. Equipped with powerful pickups and top-notch hardware, the Viper series is for those who want their SG with a bit more edge.

6. Yamaha SG Series

Japanese Precision.

Yamaha, while better known for their acoustics and keyboards, have made a solid mark in the SG territory. The Yamaha SG series offers a refined and sleek take on the classic SG style. Known for their meticulous craftsmanship, these guitars pack high-quality hardware and electronics, ensuring a smooth playing experience and a wide range of tones.

7. Guild S-100 Polara

Vintage Vibe Intact.

Guild’s S-100 Polara captures the essence of the SG style from the ’70s. With its unique headstock and slightly altered body shape, it’s a nod to the past with modern playability. It also packs Guild’s own HB1 pickups, which deliver a punchy and clear tone, perfect for a variety of genres.

8. Oscar Schmidt OS-50

Classic Design, Modern Touch.

Oscar Schmidt may not be the first name you think of for electric guitars, but they’ve been crafting stringed instruments for over 100 years. The OS-50 is their take on the SG design, sporting the iconic twin horn cutaway. Its body is a bit more rounded, giving it a unique touch. With two humbucking pickups and a 3-way switch, players can navigate through a tonal landscape that’s perfect for classic rock, blues, and even some heavier genres.

9. Vintage VS6

Solid Build, Solid Sound.

Vintage, as a brand, has always been about offering quality instruments inspired by classics, and their VS6 is no exception. From the body shape to the headstock, the VS6 screams SG. It even offers a vibrola-style tremolo on some models for those who want that vintage flair. With a mahogany body and Wilkinson pickups, this guitar isn’t just about looks. It has the tone to back it up, making it great for those classic rock vibes.

10. Greg Bennett Cobra

Classic Look with a Twist.

When it comes to budget-friendly guitars that don’t skimp on quality, Greg Bennett’s lineup stands out, and the Cobra is no exception. A nod to the SG design, the Cobra incorporates some unique features and tweaks that make it stand apart.

The Cobra follows the SG’s double-cutaway style but with a slightly more streamlined and sharper design. It’s like the edgier cousin in the SG family. The contours are a bit more pronounced, providing added comfort and playability. Typically crafted with a mahogany body, the Cobra ensures that warm and full-bodied tone SG lovers are familiar with. The set neck design offers added sustain and resonance.

The Cobra comes equipped with two humbuckers, providing a good balance between bright trebles and deep lows. With a 3-way pickup selector and dedicated tone and volume knobs, it offers a wide tonal range to suit various genres, from blues to hard rock.

Greg Bennett guitars, in general, are known for their value proposition. With the Cobra, you’re getting a guitar that looks good, plays well, and won’t burn a hole in your wallet. It’s an excellent option for both beginners looking for an affordable start and seasoned players wanting a reliable backup or experimental guitar.

There you have it – SG style guitars that cater to all kinds of guitar enthusiasts, from the purists to the experimentalists. Whether you’re trying to emulate Angus Young’s raw power or looking for a modern twist on a classic, there’s an SG out there for you.