Top 10 PRS Guitarists

PRS Guitars, renowned for their build quality, distinct tone, and stylish design, have been in the hands of countless guitarists – both on stage and off.

But who exactly is shredding these beauties?

Let’s dive deep into the list of 10 rockstars who are known to have a penchant for PRS guitars.

1. Carlos Santana

Arguably the most famous PRS player, Carlos Santana, had a huge role in putting PRS on the map. This legendary musician collaborated with Paul Reed Smith himself to create one of the brand’s earliest signature models. Over the years, Santana’s smooth, melodic style became synonymous with the warm and articulate sound of PRS guitars. It’s like a match made in heaven!

2. Mark Tremonti

The co-founder and lead guitarist for bands like Creed and Alter Bridge, Mark Tremonti isn’t just a master of heavy riffs and solos; he’s also a PRS aficionado. With his own PRS signature model, Tremonti’s love for the brand is evident. If you’ve ever jammed out to “Higher” or “Blackbird,” you’ve heard the power of a PRS in the hands of Tremonti.

3. John Mayer

From the gentle bluesy licks of “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” to the pop-infused “New Light,” John Mayer’s diverse style calls for a versatile guitar. Enter PRS! Mayer and PRS came up with the Silver Sky model, which, with its vintage-inspired design, became an instant hit among guitarists worldwide. It perfectly complements Mayer’s signature touch and tone.

4. Al Di Meola

Jazz fusion and world music genius Al Di Meola is no stranger to PRS. Though he’s known for his acoustic prowess, when he switches to electric, it’s often a PRS he’s cradling. Given his intricate playing style, it’s no wonder he goes for PRS guitars, which offer the clarity and definition his music demands.

5. Alex Lifeson

Rush’s Alex Lifeson, a progressive rock legend, embraced the PRS family a while ago. With epic tracks like “Limelight” and “Tom Sawyer” under his belt, Lifeson’s switch to PRS made many take notice. His choice? The PRS Hollowbody models, bring a delightful mix of sustain, resonance, and tone.

6. Bernie Marsden

Former Whitesnake guitarist Bernie Marsden has been in the industry long enough to have tried every guitar under the sun. Yet, he’s most often seen with his beloved PRS. His signature model, the PRS SE Bernie Marsden, pays homage to his iconic playing style and the timeless sound of rock n’ roll.

7. Orianthi

This Australian sensation, known for her collaborations with Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper, and her solo ventures, rocks a PRS like nobody’s business. Orianthi’s precision, speed, and melodic sensibilities find a great companion in her PRS guitars, amplifying her talent and passion for the instrument.

8. Jakko Jakszyk

The frontman of the progressive rock behemoth, King Crimson, Jakko Jakszyk, relies on the versatility of PRS guitars to deliver those intricate riffs and complex chord progressions. The brand’s ability to blend modern innovation with classic tones makes it perfect for the multifaceted world of prog-rock.

9. Simon McBride

Hailing from Northern Ireland, blues rock guitarist Simon McBride might not be a household name like some others on this list, but his skills are top-tier. A PRS endorsee, McBride’s scorching solos and melodic lines sound even better thanks to the rich and nuanced tone of his PRS.

10. Zach Myers

Last, but by no means least, is Zach Myers of Shinedown. With anthems like “Second Chance” and “Sound of Madness,” Myers knows how to churn out hits, and his trusty PRS guitars are right there with him. His signature model, the PRS SE Zach Myers, showcases the brand’s commitment to quality, even in their more budget-friendly range.

Alright, we’ve had fun with some big names, but it’s essential to remember that PRS guitars aren’t exclusive to the rock stars. Thousands of everyday musicians pick up a PRS because of their reliability, unparalleled quality, and the sheer joy they bring.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to join the PRS family yourself!