20 Best Electric Guitars of All Time

The “best” electric guitars can be subjective, based on personal preferences for tone, playability, and aesthetics. However, here’s a list of 20 electric guitars that are widely regarded as iconic or influential by musicians, collectors, and enthusiasts.

8 Best Thin Body Acoustic Guitars for Every Wallet

Thin body acoustic guitars are known for their sleek bodies, making them ideal for live performances and casual jamming. Whether you’re a strumming beginner or a picking pro, there’s a thin body out there for everyone, and we’re about to explore some fantastic options to fit every budget.

10 Best Guitars for Blues

Whether it’s the mournful tones of Delta Blues or the electric sizzle of Chicago style, the right guitar can help channel the spirit of the Blues. Here’s a list of ten guitars revered by blues players.

Epiphone History

Anastasios Stathopoulos was a Greek luthier born in 1863 who founded a mandolin and violin company in Pellana, Greece in 1873. In 1903, he immigrated with his wife to New York and a year later, started a company that primarily produced mandolins.

Epiphone Catalog 1930

Epiphone Catalog 1930

Epiphone Catalog 1930 In 1930, the Continental Music Co. catalog introduced the Epiphone Recording series of guitars. These instruments were known for their excellent craftsmanship, […]