Best Electric Guitars Under $1500

Seven spectacular electric guitars that promise quality, performance, and oodles of style, all under $1500. Whether you’re a newbie looking to make a significant upgrade or a pro seeking another gem for your collection, this list has something for everyone.

8 Best Explorer Body Guitars

With their radical shapes and punchy tones, Explorer guitars are a symbol of rebellion and innovation in the guitar world. Let’s dive into the world of angular beauty and sonic power with some of the best Explorer-style guitars out there.

Alexi Laiho Guitars

Alexi Laiho, known for being the frontman and lead guitarist for the Finnish melodic death metal band Children of Bodom, is a name synonymous with rapid guitar riffs and unapologetic solos. Known for his blistering technique and high-octane performances, he collaborated with ESP Guitars to craft a guitar that could withstand his aggressive playing style.

Brian “Head” Welch – Korn Guitar

For Brian Welch, his signature ESP guitars have been key companions, helping him express his artistry. Let’s dive into this special bond between musician and instrument, and explore what makes the ESP LTD SH-7 Evertune and ESP LTD SH-207 so significant in Brian’s arsenal.

Top 10 ESP Guitarists

ESP guitars, known for their sleek design and versatility, have been the instrument of choice for many rockstars. But just who are these guitarists that love to shred on an ESP? Let’s dive right into it!

ESP Catalogs

ESP Catalogs

How do you navigate the sea of ​​guitar models, specs, and finishes? Get ready: ESP Guitar Catalogs are here to chart the course!