Ibanez Catalog 2005

The 2005 Ibanez catalog included the electric RG series, favored for its sharp contours and quick necks, making it a top choice for metal and rock guitarists. The S series continued to attract players with its sleek, lightweight body that didn’t sacrifice performance.

For jazz and blues enthusiasts, the Artcore series provided classic hollow and semi-hollow body guitars with a timeless appeal.

For bassists, the SR series stood out with its modern design and versatile sound capabilities.

The AEG series offered acoustic guitarists slim-bodied instruments with built-in electronics, suitable for both acoustic and amplified performances.

Enjoy watching the evolution of Ibanez’s design and technology as displayed in the 2005 catalogs!

Ibanez Catalog 2005 PDF

Ibanez 2005 Acoustic Guitar Catalog

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