Ibanez Catalog 2004

The Ibanez Catalog from 2004 showcases the solid-bodied RG series designed for precision and performance, the sleek S series for those seeking a lighter instrument without compromising on sound, and the versatile SA series offering a classic tone with a modern twist.

Bass players could explore the dynamic range of the SR series, while acoustic enthusiasts had the choice of the warm-toned AEG and the classic AW series.

The catalog also featured the Artcore collection, Ibanez’s lineup of hollow and semi-hollow bodies, known for their blend of vintage aesthetics and contemporary playability.

You can browse here 4 Ibanez catalogs from 2004.

Ibanez Catalog 2004 PDF

Ibanez 2004 Acoustic Guitar Catalog

Ibanez 2004 Prestige Catalog

Ibanez 2004 Artcore Catalog

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