Ibanez Catalog 2003

The Ibanez 2003 catalog showcases a comprehensive lineup, prominently featuring the RG series, a favorite among shredders for its fast-playing necks and precision pickups. The JEM series, with its unique monkey grip and floating tremolo, continues to be a signature staple. For those favoring a more fluid body shape, the S series offers unparalleled comfort and a lighter weight. The SA series adds versatility with its non-locking tremolo and accessible price point.

Bassists are presented with the SR series, which boasts sleek bodies and active electronics for a broad tonal range. The BTB series stands out with its extended neck-through construction for enhanced sustain.

Acoustic guitarists can appreciate the AEG series, designed for amplified performance with a slim body, and the AW series for a more traditional acoustic experience. The classical GA series offers the warmth of nylon strings for classical and flamenco players.

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