Ibanez Catalog 1999

In the 1999 catalog, you’ll find the enduring RG series that continued to push the limits of what a rock guitar could be, alongside the S series, which stood out for its sleek body and fast-action neck. The catalog also featured the acclaimed JEM series, with its distinctive monkey grip and intricate inlays, designed in collaboration with guitar virtuoso Steve Vai.

For bassists, the Soundgear (SR) series presented sleek bodies and active electronics that catered to a wide range of sounds, from deep growls to bright snaps. The BTB series was introduced as well, offering an extended range and enhanced playability for those seeking a modern bass experience.

Acoustic players weren’t left behind, with the introduction of the AEL series, which combined traditional acoustic tones with the needs of modern players. The catalog also showcased classical models such as the GA series, which provided a softer tone and nylon strings preferred by many classical guitarists.

You’ll find below 8 electric and acoustic Ibanez guitar catalogs of 1999.

Ibanez Catalog 1999 USA

Ibanez Catalog 1999 Europe

Ibanez 1999 Acoustic USA Catalog

Ibanez 1999 Acoustic Guitar EU Catalog

Ibanez 1999 Acoustic Urban Catalog

Ibanez 1999 Leaflet USA

Ibanez 1999 Leaflet Europe

Ibanez 1999 Catalog Signature Bass

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