Ibanez Catalog 1998

In the 1998 catalog, you’ll find the iconic RG series that continued to push the boundaries of electric guitar design with its sharp contours and versatile pickup configurations. The JEM series, with its distinctive monkey grip and artistic flair, stands out, a testament to Ibanez’s collaboration with virtuoso Steve Vai.

Bassists are well catered to with the SR series, which are renowned for their sleek bodies and fast necks, designed for playability and comfort.

The 1998 catalog also spotlights the classic Artwood series, offering a range of acoustics known for their rich tone and resonant sound quality.

You’ll find below 8 electric and acoustic guitar catalogs of 1998.

Ibanez 1998 Guitar Catalog PDF

Ibanez Catalog 1998 USA

Ibanez Catalog 1998 Europe

Ibanez 1998 Acoustic Catalog PDF

Ibanez 1998 Acoustic USA Catalog

Ibanez 1998 Acoustic Europe Catalog

Ibanez 1998 Leaflet Europe

Ibanez 1998 Catalog Gio Series

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