Epiphone Catalog 1950

The 1950 price lists provided a comprehensive overview of Epiphone’s offerings, from their esteemed archtops to the flat-top acoustics that were growing in popularity among folk musicians.

You can find below 3 Epiphone Price-Lists and some Product Adverts & Flyers of 1950.

Epiphone Price List 1950 Summer

Epiphone Price List 1950 Autumn

Epiphone Price List 1950 Strings

Epiphone’s adverts and flyers from 1950 were eye-catching, often featuring prominent musicians of the time, which not only served as endorsements but also as testaments to the quality of Epiphone instruments.

Epiphone 1950 Product Adverts & Flyers

Thank you for diving into the nostalgic world of Epiphone’s 1950 price lists and product adverts with us.