Epiphone Catalog 1930

In 1930, the Continental Music Co. catalog introduced the Epiphone Recording series of guitars. These instruments were known for their excellent craftsmanship, distinctive sound, and aesthetic appeal. The Recording guitars had unique body shapes, sizes, and names such as the “A,” “B,” “C,” and so on, each offering different tonal qualities to suit the varied preferences of guitarists during that era.

Epiphone Catalog 1930 Recording Guitars

In 1930, the Epiphone catalog introduced the Seville Model Guitars, a lineup designed to bring quality craftsmanship and exceptional sound to the hands of musicians across genres. The Seville models represented Epiphone’s commitment to producing instruments that balanced aesthetic beauty with functional excellence.

These guitars were built with fine woods chosen for their tonal qualities and durability. The catalog would have provided detailed descriptions of the materials used, such as select spruce for the top, which was known for its clear, articulate sound, and beautifully figured maple or mahogany for the back and sides, adding warmth and resonance to the guitar’s voice.

Epiphone 1930 Seville Model Guitars

Epiphone Price List 1930 Seville Guitars

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