Epiphone Catalog 1949

In 1949, Epiphone presented an array of instruments that solidified its reputation as a premier music company. The instruments listed within these pages were among the finest available to musicians at the time.

You can find below 3 Epiphone Catalogs, the Price List, and some Product Adverts and Flyers of 1949.

Epiphone Catalog 1949 Acoustic Guitars and Mandolins

Epiphone Catalog 1949 Electar Electronic Instruments

Epiphone’s Electar line included a series of innovative amplifiers and electric guitars. These instruments were at the forefront of the electric sound revolution, offering the latest in musical technology to a growing audience of electric music enthusiasts.

Epiphone Catalog 1949 Basses

Epiphone’s lineup of basses provided the music world with stylish instruments. These basses were appreciated for their dependability and the deep, resonant tones they produced.

Epiphone Price List 1949

The price lists in the catalogs gave customers detailed information on the affordability of Epiphone’s offerings.

Epiphone 1949 Product Adverts & Flyers

Epiphone’s adverts and flyers served as eye-catching promotional materials.

Thank you for exploring the 1949 Epiphone catalogs and promotional materials with us. We’re delighted to have shared with you this key chapter in Epiphone’s history.