Cool gifts for a guitarist from Amazon

12 Cool Guitar Player Gifts from Amazon

Wondering what to grab from Amazon that screams ‘ideal gift for a guitarist’? Well, we’ve got you covered.

From funky gadgets to must-have accessories, let’s take a look at some cool gift ideas that any guitarist would love to receive for the holidays.

1. Smart-Po Smartphone Guitar Capo

This is a special capo for your guitar that can also hold your smartphone. It does two things at once. You can put it on the top part of your guitar when you don’t need it as a capo.

It can be adjusted to hold any type of smartphone, like iPhones, Samsungs, and LGs. It works on all kinds of guitars, whether they are acoustic or electric.

You can move it around and tilt it to see your phone screen better while you’re learning to play guitar. It’s light and easy to carry, and you don’t need any big attachments or suction cups.

This is great if you want to watch your fingers when you’re learning new chords and songs. It’s also useful for online guitar lessons.

You can also use it to always have your song lyrics and chord charts handy with your mobile apps. It works for tuners and songbooks too.

image 2

2. Licensed Marshall Stealth Jack Rack – Wall mounting Guitar amp Key Hanger

This thing is licensed by Marshall. It’s built with the same stuff they use for real guitar amps.

It also comes with four little guitar plug keychains, and you get a kit to hang it on the wall.

image 1

3. Guitar Ruler String Action Ruler Gauge Tool

This tool is for setting up guitars and similar stringed instruments. It helps you adjust things like the height of the frets, strings, saddle slot, and pickup pole pieces. You can also measure the height of the nut.

image 3

The tool is small and made of strong stainless steel. It has markings in both metric and imperial units, with bright markings for accuracy. The stainless steel base has a matte black coating to prevent reflections.

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, this tool is great for customizing your guitar to your liking. It’s easy to use and can be used on other stringed instruments like bass, mandolin, and banjo.

4. Pint Drinking Glass Cup Mug – I Have Too Many Guitars Said No One Ever

These classic pint glasses are handmade with love in sunny Long Beach, California.

You can pour your IPA, Pilsner, Lager, or whatever tickles your taste buds in ’em.

They’ve got a heavy base that says, “I Have Too Many Guitars Said No One Ever,” and their clear glass shows off your beer’s color. Plus, they’re stackable, so they won’t take over your cupboard.

image 4

But wait, there’s more! These boys aren’t just for beer. You can throw in a big margarita, a minty julep, or even some iced coffee – they’re versatile like that.

5. Guitar Picks Holder Case with Zipper

Check out this cool guitar pick holder! No more losing your guitar picks – this holder keeps them safe and sound with its zipper design.

Plus, you can hang it on your guitar for easy access when you’re jamming on the go. Made from PU leather, it’s smooth, waterproof, and built to last.

image 5

Your picks will love their new home!

6. Gator Frameworks Guitar Seat with Padded Cushion, Ergonomic Backrest and Fold Out Guitar Stand

Check out this cool guitar seat! It’s like a superhero for your guitar – it can hold acoustic, electric, and bass guitars all at once!

Plus, it’s like magic because you can fold it up super easy with a quick-release pin when you’re done rocking out.

image 6

This seat has a comfy cushion and a backrest that you can take off if you want. It’s tough too, with a weight limit of 300 pounds, so it can handle even the heaviest rockers.

Just remember, you might need to put it together a bit, but don’t sweat it – all the hardware you need is in the box.

7. Pickbandz Necklace Silicone Guitar Pick Holder

Check out this cool Pickbandz Necklace! It’s like a fancy rubbery necklace for your guitar picks.

It’s black on both sides. And guess what? It fits all picks, no matter if they’re skinny or thick!

image 7

You can trust it because it’s fully guaranteed.

8. Ebros Gift Day of The Dead Skeleton

I don’t know why, but I love these guys!

Check out these skeleton rock band figurines: an electric guitarist, a bass player, a drummer, and the lead singer.

They’re about 6.75″ to 8.25″ tall and 4″ to 5.5″ wide, so they’re not teeny-tiny.

Each one is made of really good polyresin stuff, and some talented artist painted them all by hand.

image 8

You can buy ’em one by one or grab the whole set!

9. Guitar Tool Kit

Gosha! It seems like everything I’ll ever need in life is right here, no kidding!

This Micling 72-piece guitar repair kit is like the ultimate toolbox for guitar lovers. It’s got all the cool stuff you need, from bridge pins to fret-crowning luthier files, guitar picks, strings, and even a storage bag – the whole shebang!

This kit can do it all:

Need to change strings? Check.

Want to tweak your guitar’s action? You got it.

It’s like having your very own guitar mechanic in a bag!

It’s perfect for cleaning, maintaining, and fixing your favorite stringed instruments, like guitars, basses, mandolins, banjos, and even Hawaiian ukuleles.

image 9

And guess what? All these tools come neatly organized in a bag. They’re even individually packaged to keep things tidy and prevent any accidental disappearances.

No more hunting for missing tools!

10. Cool Guitar Pick Holder

Imagine this: you get a guitar pick holder that looks like a lighter.

It’s cool, right? Instead of flames, it spits out guitar picks! Your friends will be jealous when they see it.

It’s small enough to fit in your bag but might be a tight fit in tight pants. It can hold 5 to 18 picks.

Made from natural wood, so each one is unique and smooth. It has a strong magnet to keep your picks safe.

image 10

And guess what? It might even help you quit smoking by distracting you with the “lighter” and reminding you to play guitar instead.

11. NOMGEG Music Electric Guitar Table Lamp

I love this awesome steampunk lamp guitar!

It’s built to last a lifetime, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down. Plus, it’s got that cool retro metal industrial vibe with a warm yellow light.

And don’t forget about the mini electric guitar model that comes in a slick black leather case. It’s so detailed, you’ll be able to admire the tuning pegs, strings, and body up close. You can even adjust the strap and the lamp’s arm to make it fit just right. It’s a great gift for music enthusiasts of all ages!

image 11

So, if you’re looking to add some cool guitar vibes to your space, this lamp is the way to go.

12. Bikoney Guitar Stand

And finally, I’ll spill the beans on my wish. This thing? It’s exactly what I’ve been dreaming of.

Stand For Multiple Guitars: It can hold different instruments vertically, including acoustic, electric guitars, bass, ukulele, and banjo. At most for 4 guitars.

Its arms are all padded up with rubber so your guitars won’t get any scratches or bruises. Plus, you can adjust the distance between the arms to make sure your guitars stay put.

There’s a bonus feature – a 3-tier storage shelf! You can stash your vinyl records, guitar tuner, amp, and all your other guitar goodies on it. It’s made of top-notch metal and sturdy wood, making it the ultimate guitar command center.

image 13

This guitar stand stands tall, so you won’t be sweating bullets about your instruments hitting the floor. It’s got non-slip feet, so it stays put. Plus, it’s sleek and space-saving, so it’s perfect for your home, music room, or studio.

So, there you have it – a list of awesome gifts for guitarists, all from Amazon. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for a mate, these gifts are sure to hit the right note.