4 Best Bass Guitar Starter Packs to Kickstart Your Groovy Journey

So, you’ve decided to tread the thumping path of the bass guitar? Awesome choice! The bass is the backbone of many musical genres and is the unsung hero that brings that groove and depth. But, where to start, right? Especially when the market is flooded with options.

Fret not, we are here to give you a low-down on the best bass starter packs ideal for beginners. Let’s dive right in!

1. Ibanez IJXB150B Jumpstart Bass Package

Your One-Stop Shop

Ibanez has a long-standing reputation for producing quality instruments, and this starter pack doesn’t stray from that legacy. Here’s what you get:

  • The Bass: A standard 4-string bass with a sleek design. Its body offers a comfortable fit, especially for newbies who might be practicing for extended periods.
  • Amplifier: The package comes with a 10-watt amp, giving you enough power for bedroom practice sessions.
  • Accessories: You’ll find an electronic tuner (a beginner’s best friend), headphones for those late-night jams, a gig bag, a stand, and even a cable.

What stands out is the bass’s playability. Ibanez has ensured that even their entry-level basses have a smooth neck and decent pickups, ensuring clarity in every note you play.

2. Squier by Fender Affinity Series Precision Bass PJ Pack

Classic Vibes, Modern Reliability

The name ‘Fender’ is synonymous with quality guitars, and their Squier range brings that reliability to a more affordable bracket.

  • The Bass: This pack boasts of a Precision Bass with a PJ pickup configuration. This means you get both the ‘Precision’ split-coil pickup and the ‘Jazz’ single-coil pickup, offering a blend of punchy mids and clear highs.
  • Amplifier: The Fender Rumble 15 amp is included. It’s compact but packs a punch with its rich tones and has an aux input and headphones out for practicing along with tracks or in silence.
  • Accessories: The package is rounded off with a strap, cable, and a 3-month subscription to Fender Play – Fender’s online guitar lesson platform. Handy for beginners!

If you’re aiming to capture that classic rock or blues bass tone, this pack is a fantastic starting point. Before purchasing a used bass guitar, be sure to check the authenticity of the instrument by using the Squier serial number lookup tools.

3. Yamaha TRBX174 Bass Guitar Pack

Trustworthy and Versatile

Yamaha is no stranger to making instruments, from pianos to bikes (yeah, those too!), and their entry into the bass world is solid.

  • The Bass: The TRBX174 is known for its ergonomic body shape, making it comfortable for both sitting and standing positions. It comes with a split-coil and single-coil pickup configuration, providing a versatile sound palette.
  • Amplifier: The package incorporates a 20-watt Yamaha amp, which is slightly more powerful than others on this list. It has a 3-band EQ, allowing you to tweak your bass tones.
  • Accessories: Along with the standard cable and strap, you get a set of headphones and even a tuner.

The TRBX174, with its solid alder body, ensures durability, making it a great companion as you embark on your bass journey.

4. Dean Starter Bass Pack with Edge Bass

For the Rockstars at Heart

Dean Guitars has a penchant for crafting instruments that stand out both in terms of looks and sound. Their starter pack is no different.

  • The Bass: The Edge bass, with its sharp body contours, is an eye-catcher. But it’s not just about the looks. Its dual pickups offer a tonal range that’s great for rock and metal genres.
  • Amplifier: This kit includes a 10-watt amp with a 3-band EQ, giving beginners a good sense of tone shaping right from the get-go.
  • Accessories: Dean throws in a gig bag, tuner, cord, strap, and even picks to ensure you’re all set.

If rock or metal is where your heart is, this bass pack is tailored for those gritty, punchy tones that define these genres.

Alright, future bassists, there you have it! The journey of a thousand grooves begins with that first pluck, and with these starter packs, you’re well on your way. Remember, the key is to find a bass that resonates with you – in tone, feel, and style. And, as you grow, your instrument will evolve with you. Here’s to the start of a bass-tastic adventure. Keep that rhythm tight and groove on!