Ibanez Catalog 2002

In the Ibanez 2002 catalog, you’ll find an array of guitar series including the solid body electric RG series known for its sharp tone and fast necks, the artist signature models that cater to specific musician styles, and the classical GA series with its warm nylon sounds. The catalog also showcases the AEG series of acoustic-electric guitars, designed for live performance with their slender bodies and onboard electronics, and the SR series of bass guitars with their versatile active electronics system.

You can find below 6 European and USA catalogs of 2002. Enjoy reviewing, as they offer a glimpse into the early millennium’s guitar trends and Ibanez’s innovative contributions to guitar technology.

Ibanez Catalog 2002 USA

Ibanez Catalog 2002 Europe

Ibanez 2002 Acoustic USA Catalog

Ibanez 2002 Acoustic Guitar EU Catalog

Ibanez 2002 Artcore USA Catalog

Ibanez 2002 Artcore Catalog Europe

Thank you for watching and taking a step back into the rich history of Ibanez’s 2002 catalogues.