Ibanez Catalog 1992

The Ibanez catalog 1992 includes the legendary RG series, known for its sharp contours and fast necks, making it a favorite among shredders and technical players. The S series, with its sleek body shapes and smooth handling, continued to impress with innovation and quality. The introduction of the JEM series, designed with Steve Vai, offered players distinctive aesthetics and exceptional playability.

The bass section featured the SR series, which by then had become synonymous with a modern, versatile bass sound, providing players with slim necks for enhanced playability and a wide tonal range.

The 1992 catalog also highlighted Ibanez acoustic guitars with the introduction of new models in their Artwood series, known for their traditional designs and warm tones.

You’ll find below 6 electric and acoustic guitar catalogs and the effects catalog of 1992.

Ibanez Catalog 1992 USA

Ibanez Catalog 1992 Europe

Ibanez 1992 Supplement Catalog USA

Ibanez 1992 Catalog RG RT Series

Ibanez 1992 Poster Catalog

Ibanez 1992 Catalog Starfield

Ibanez 1992 PT5 Catalog

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