Ibanez Catalog 1991

The 1991 catalog featured the RG series, which by then had become a favorite for its sleek design and versatile tones, and the JEM series, complete with Steve Vai’s signature monkey grip and colorful aesthetics.

Bass players had their share of highlights with the SR series, boasting slim necks for faster play and ergonomic bodies for comfort. The 1991 catalog also introduced players to the Soundgear line of basses, which promised a modern look and feel with powerful electronics.

For the acoustic aficionado, the catalog presented the Performance series, known for its playability and rich sound.

You’ll find below 5 electric and acoustic guitar catalogs and 4 Ibanez electric equipment catalogs from 1991.

Ibanez Catalog 1991 USA

Ibanez Catalog 1991 Europe

Ibanez 1991 Catalog Custom USA

Ibanez 1991 Acoustic Guitar Catalog

Ibanez 1991 AFR Bass Catalog

Ibanez 1991 GE RM Catalog

Ibanez 1991 Soundtank Catalog

Ibanez 1991 RP50 Catalog

Ibanez 1991 PowerTrio Catalog

Thank you for taking a step back in time with us to celebrate the Ibanez’s 1991 catalogs.