Ibanez Catalog 1996

The Ibanez 1996 catalog is a chronicle of guitar innovation and design, marking a standout year for the brand. This catalog features a range of guitar series that have since become benchmarks for quality and performance. Among the highlights are the RG series, with their sleek superstrat shapes and wizard necks designed for speed and precision, making them a favorite among shredders and metal guitarists. Also showcased are the S series, known for their slim, contoured bodies and smooth playability, and the artist’s signature models that represent collaborations with guitar legends, offering players a taste of the pros’ tools. The catalog doesn’t forget the bassists, presenting the Soundgear (SR) series which are renowned for their slim necks and versatile electronics.

For acoustic enthusiasts, the catalog includes the Performance (PF) series, which offers a blend of traditional tone and modern playability. With precise specifications and detailed images, the catalog serves as an authoritative guide to Ibanez’s 1996 offerings.

You’ll find below 4 electric and acoustic guitar catalogs of 1996. Enjoy watching the evolution of Ibanez’s craftsmanship as you flip through the pages of these Ibanez brochures.

Ibanez Catalog 1996 USA

Ibanez Catalog 1996 Europe

Ibanez 1996 Catalog Blazer

Ibanez 1996 Acoustic Catalog USA

Thank you for watching and taking a step back into a pivotal moment in the Ibanez guitar history with the 1996 catalogs.