Ibanez Catalog 1995

In Ibanez’s 1995 catalog, you’ll find the celebrated RG series that continued to dominate the rock and metal scenes with its fast necks and versatile pickup configurations. The JEM series, with its unmistakable monkey grip and vibrant finishes, reflects Steve Vai’s signature style and remains a highlight for collectors and players alike.

The catalog also features the SR bass series, which had already become famous for its sleek design and active electronics, catering to bassists seeking a modern sound with comfortable playability.

For acoustic enthusiasts, the Ibanez 1995 lineup included the introduction of new models in the Talman series, which offered a fresh take on the acoustic sound with its unique body shape and electric guitar playability.

You’ll find below 6 electric and acoustic guitar catalogs of 1995. Enjoy watching!

Ibanez Catalog 1995 USA

Ibanez Catalog 1995 Europe

Ibanez 1995 Catalog Blazer Series

Ibanez 1995 Catalog Autumn Collection

Ibanez 1995 Talman Catalog

Ibanez 1995 Catalog Talman TC820 TC830

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