Fender Catalog 1958

Within its pages, the ’58 catalog featured the revolutionary Stratocaster, with its sleek contours and innovative three-pickup configuration, delivering a versatility unmatched at the time. This was the guitar that countless players would come to associate with the surf rock sound that was beginning to sweep the nation.

The Telecaster, also highlighted, was the workhorse of the electric guitar world, known for its signature twang and solid reliability. Whether for country, blues, or the burgeoning rock ‘n’ roll scene, the Telecaster stood as a beacon of Fender’s enduring design philosophy.

Bassists were introduced to the wonders of the Precision Bass, Fender’s four-string masterpiece that had already begun changing the landscape of rhythm sections across various music genres.

For amplification, the catalog presented the latest in Fender’s line of amps, from the compact Champion to the stage-ready Twin.

Fender Catalog PDF 1958

Fender Catalog 1957-1958

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