Fender Catalog 1955

The 1955 Fender catalog captures a seminal moment in music history, spotlighting instruments that shaped the sound of rock and roll. Within its pages, the groundbreaking Fender Stratocaster is featured, following its 1954 debut, and showcasing the innovations that made it a favorite: the comfortable contoured body, the versatile trio of single-coil pickups, and its pioneering tremolo system.

The catalog also highlights the Fender Telecaster, the guitar that started it all with its solid body and twangy tone, continuing to find favor among guitarists across genres.

The Fender Precision Bass is another standout in the 1955 catalog, revolutionizing the bassist’s role with a manageable, amplified alternative to the cumbersome upright bass, and laying the groundwork for modern electric bass playing.

Also on offer were Fender’s sought-after tube amplifiers, like the Deluxe and the Champ, renowned for their warm, clear sound that defined the tones of the era.

Beyond guitars and basses, the catalog introduces musicians to a variety of accessories and novel instruments, such as electric steel guitars.

Fender Catalog PDF 1955

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