Guitar Factories

Venture into the captivating world of guitar factories, where legendary luthiers like Leo Fender, Orville Gibson, C.F. Martin, and more brought their visions to life. Explore fascinating posts about the birthplaces of iconic guitars, uncover the secrets behind their production, and learn about the innovative techniques employed in these renowned facilities.

Guild Factories

The story of Guild is intrinsically tied to the places where these instruments come to life: the factories. This post delves deep into the journey of Guild Guitars through its factories, showcasing the spaces where inspiration meets craftsmanship.

Rickenbacker Factory

Rickenbacker, a name synonymous with innovation and iconic design, has its roots deeply embedded in the history of American guitar craftsmanship. While the brand is globally recognized for its signature instruments, the story behind its factory is equally compelling.

Samick Factories

Samik has been an important player in the global musical instrument manufacturing market for decades. Here’s a closer look at Samik’s different guitar factories and what they mean.

Höfner Factories

The name Höfner stands tall for its deeply-rooted history in instrument manufacturing that dates back to 1887. But the core of Höfner’s legacy can be traced back to its factories, where meticulous craftsmanship meets musical innovation.