Rickenbacker Factory

Rickenbacker, a name synonymous with innovation and iconic design, has its roots deeply embedded in the history of American guitar craftsmanship. While the brand is globally recognized for its signature instruments, the story behind its factory is equally compelling.

Rickenbacker Factory: Santa Ana, California

Tucked away in Santa Ana, California, lies the heart of Rickenbacker’s operations. Unlike many contemporary guitar brands, Rickenbacker has resisted the trend of offshoring production, maintaining its primary factory on American soil. Here, a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern precision ensures each instrument is a testament to the brand’s legacy.

The Craftsmanship: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

The Santa Ana facility is not just a factory; it’s a workshop where artisans bring their expertise to every stage of the instrument-making process. From the careful selection of wood to the meticulous finishing touches, Rickenbacker’s luthiers uphold a tradition of handmade craftsmanship that dates back to the company’s inception in the 1930s.

Quality Control: The Rickenbacker Standard

Rickenbacker’s dedication to quality extends beyond the workbench. Every Rickenbacker guitar and bass is subjected to rigorous quality control measures. The factory’s skilled technicians scrutinize every detail, ensuring that the action, electronics, and finish meet the high standards that musicians around the world have come to expect from Rickenbacker.

Sustainability: Commitment to the Environment

Rickenbacker’s commitment to craftsmanship is matched by a dedication to sustainability. The Santa Ana factory operates with an acute awareness of its environmental impact, employing sustainable practices and materials wherever possible.

Innovation: The Future of Rickenbacker

While steeped in tradition, Rickenbacker is also an innovator. The Santa Ana factory is a site of continuous improvement, with ongoing research and development ensuring that Rickenbacker instruments evolve with the times, meeting the needs of modern musicians while retaining their classic appeal.

The Rickenbacker factory in Santa Ana is more than a manufacturing hub; it’s the birthplace of a sound that has shaped music as we know it. Through unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and innovation, Rickenbacker continues to create instruments that are not just tools for musicians but pieces of history.