Best Gretsch Guitars – That Will Totally Jazz Up Your Collection

Known for their iconic, vintage looks and bright, twangy sounds, Gretsch guitars have been a staple for many renowned musicians across genres.

But which model to choose?

Whether you’re into rockabilly, country, jazz, or rock, there’s a Gretsch waiting for you. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Gretsch G2622 Streamliner Center Block Double-Cut

Your First Step Into The Gretsch Universe

If you’re looking to enter the world of Gretsch without digging too deep into your pockets, this is where you start.

  • Body & Neck: It’s built with a laminated maple body and a nato neck, ensuring both sturdiness and resonance.
  • Pickups: Equipped with Broad’Tron BT-2S pickups, you’re getting a solid range from bright, clean tones to thick, overdriven ones.
  • Unique Features: A spruce center block runs through the body, reducing feedback and enhancing sustain. Also, it comes with a V-Stoptail, which provides stability in tuning and a vintage aesthetic.

For newbies who want to explore that iconic Gretsch sound, this one’s a safe bet.

2. Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollow Body

The Epitome of That Classic Gretsch Sound

The G5420T is a true representation of what Gretsch stands for – vintage aesthetics and a tone that’s unmistakably Gretsch.

  • Body & Neck: We’re talking about a 5-ply maple body and neck. This gives the guitar a bright, resonant quality that’s perfect for those jangly chords.
  • Pickups: It uses the Black Top Filter’Tron pickups which are known for their wide tonal range, from crisp highs to punchy lows.
  • Unique Features: A Bigsby B60 vibrato tailpiece lets you add some shimmer and vibrato to your playing. Plus, those oversized F-holes and the classic logo on the headstock just scream vintage.

For players who want a pure, undiluted Gretsch experience, the G5420T is where it’s at.

3. Gretsch G6659TG Players Edition Broadkaster Jr.

The Modern Player’s Dream in a Vintage Package

Gretsch goes modern with the Players Edition, offering contemporary features while retaining that classic Gretsch charm.

  • Body & Neck: The guitar sports a smaller, 14″ laminated maple body with a center block, ensuring reduced feedback. The neck is made of maple with a standard “U” shape.
  • Pickups: Full’Tron pickups are the stars here, delivering clarity, power, and that iconic Gretsch fidelity.
  • Unique Features: It’s packed with a String-Thru Bigsby B7GP tailpiece, locking tuners, and a no-load tone control. The guitar also sports an ebony fretboard with pearloid Neo-Classic thumbnail inlays.

If you’re a modern player who loves vintage aesthetics, this Broadkaster Jr. has got your name on it.

4. Gretsch G6136T White Falcon

The Crown Jewel of Gretsch

Ah, the White Falcon. A guitar so iconic, it’s been the go-to for many legends, from Neil Young to Billy Duffy.

  • Body & Neck: Built with a laminated maple body and neck, it’s big, bold, and beautiful. The gold sparkle binding and gold-plated hardware just add to its majesty.
  • Pickups: The TV Jones Classic pickups provide that vintage Gretsch tone but with a modern twist, offering clarity and versatility.
  • Unique Features: With a Bigsby B6GP vibrato tailpiece, Grover Imperial tuners, and jeweled arrow control knobs, this guitar is as much about aesthetics as it is about sound.

For those who want the ultimate Gretsch experience, and are willing to pay the price, the White Falcon awaits.

5. Gretsch G100CE Synchromatic Archtop

A Nod to The Jazz Era

This is Gretsch’s tribute to the classic archtops from the golden age of jazz.

  • Body & Neck: It’s made with a laminated maple body and a nato neck. The body is large, producing a loud, acoustic tone.
  • Pickups: Equipped with a Gretsch single-coil pickup, it gives off a warm, jazzy tone which can also handle blues and rockabilly pretty well.
  • Unique Features: It has a vintage-style V-shaped tailpiece, chromatic bridge, and pearloid block inlays, giving it an old-school charm.

For those who have a penchant for jazz or simply love the vintage archtop look and feel, the G100CE Synchromatic is a sweet deal.

6. Gretsch G5260 Electromatic Jet Baritone

Deep Tones with an Edge

For those of you looking for something a bit more unconventional, the Baritone range from Gretsch is a fascinating choice.

  • Body & Neck: Featuring a bolt-on maple neck and chambered mahogany body, it ensures robustness and a more extended tonal range.
  • Pickups: The mini humbucking pickups give this guitar a unique voice – it’s deep, rich but can crunch when you need it to.
  • Unique Features: With a V-Stoptail, laurel fingerboard, and Bigsby-licensed B50 vibrato tailpiece, it’s a guitar that screams versatility.

Whether you’re into jazz, blues, or even heavier genres, this baritone can do it all.

7. Gretsch G5135CVT Electromatic Corvette

Simplicity Meets Elegance

This model is a sleek, no-nonsense rock machine that pays tribute to the classic Corvette models of the 1960s.

  • Body & Neck: Made of mahogany, both body and neck ensure warm tones. The set neck allows for sustain and resonance.
  • Pickups: The Mega’Tron pickups are powerful, providing clarity even when you’re pushing the amp.
  • Unique Features: The unique three-knob control layout, Adjusto-Matic bridge, and Bigsby vibrato make it versatile for various genres.

A blend of vintage and modern, the G5135CVT is for players who want straightforward playability with a touch of class.

8. Gretsch G6128T-CLFG Cliff Gallup Signature Duo Jet

Homage to a Rockabilly Legend

Designed in collaboration with the legendary Cliff Gallup, this guitar embodies the spirit of early rock ‘n roll.

  • Body & Neck: It boasts a chambered mahogany body with a laminated maple top, and a standard “U”-shaped mahogany neck, promising rich, full-bodied tones.
  • Pickups: The DynaSonic single-coil pickups give you that vintage jangle and warmth, reminiscent of the ’50s.
  • Unique Features: A Bigsby B3CB vibrato tailpiece, rosewood fingerboard, and arrow knobs are there to ensure that every detail is authentic.

For those who cherish the golden age of rockabilly, this signature model is a must-have.

9. Gretsch G9555 New Yorker Archtop

Back to the Roots

Bringing back the essence of the 1950s, this archtop is as vintage as it gets.

  • Body & Neck: Featuring a solid spruce top with laminated maple back and sides, it gives out a bright yet warm tone, perfect for jazz and blues.
  • Pickups: It comes with a floating single-coil pickup, providing that old-school vibe.
  • Unique Features: A vintage V-shaped maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and classic tortoiseshell pickguard add to its retro charm.

An ideal pick for purists who want to experience the magic of the bygone era.

Well, there you have it – a guide to some of the best Gretsch guitars out there. Remember, the best guitar is the one that resonates with you, both in terms of sound and feel.