What Type Of Guitarist Are You?

Ever looked at the guitar world and thought, “Where do I fit in?” I mean, there’s a sea of six-string wielders out there, from face-melting shredders to soothing fingerstyle players. But hey, don’t sweat it. Everyone’s got their own jam.

Let’s dive deep and figure out which guitar clan you truly belong to.

1. The Bedroom Rockstar

We’ve all been there – standing in front of a mirror, guitar slung low, hairbrush in hand, belting out the classics. Bedroom Rockstars might not have the stadium crowd (yet), but they sure have the passion.

Trademark moves: Air guitar solos and some killer hair flips.

Favorite tunes: Anything with a killer guitar riff or solo. Think AC/DC’s “Back in Black” or Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child o’ Mine”.

2. The Jazz Cat

Smooth, suave, and always in the groove. Jazz Cats are all about sophistication and technique. They appreciate the nuances and complexities of music, often venturing into improvisation.

Trademark moves: Complicated chord progressions, finger snaps, and a soft spot for the blues scale.

Favorite tunes: Miles Davis’ “So What” and Wes Montgomery’s “Four on Six”.

3. The Campfire Strummer

Ever been to a bonfire with that one person who magically produces a guitar and serenades everyone? That’s the Campfire Strummer for you! The life of the party, always ready with a tune to set the mood.

Trademark moves: Strong strumming hand, a repertoire of crowd-pleasers, and always in for a sing-along.

Favorite tunes: “Wonderwall” by Oasis, “Blowin’ in the Wind” by Bob Dylan, and… obviously “Horse with No Name” by America.

4. The Classical Connoisseur

Elegance, discipline, and finesse – the Classical Connoisseurs are the royalty of the guitar realm. While they might seem prim and proper, their fingers dance on the fretboard like no other.

Trademark moves: Nylon strings, impeccable posture, and an air of serenity.

Favorite tunes: “Asturias” by Isaac Albéniz and “Capricho Arabe” by Francisco Tárrega.

5. The Metalhead

Turn that amp up to 11 because the Metalheads are in town! These players love their music heavy, loud, and fast. Expect rapid fingerwork and headbanging – lots of it.

Trademark moves: Power chords, palm muting, and some seriously fast alternate picking.

Favorite tunes: “Master of Puppets” by Metallica and “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne.

6. The Experimentalist

Always on the lookout for fresh sounds, the Experimentalists aren’t afraid to break away from tradition. Odd time signatures? Weird tuning? Bring it on!

Trademark moves: Use of effects pedals, loop stations, and an insatiable curiosity.

Favorite tunes: Anything by Radiohead or the magical riffs of St. Vincent.

So, where do you see yourself in this vibrant universe of guitar players? Remember, no matter what type of guitarist you are (or aspire to be), it’s all about expressing yourself and having a blast. So grab that axe and make some noise!

Test: What Type Of Guitarist Are You?

1. What genre speaks to you the most?

A) Rock
B) Jazz
C) Classical
D) Blues
E) Metal
F) Experimental

2. Rock on! Which guitar type gets your heart racing?

A) Electric
B) Acoustic

2. What do you value most in your playing?

A) Technique
B) Improvisation

2. Do you follow sheet music strictly?

A) Yes, always.
B) I like to add my own interpretation.

2. What’s your favorite blues progression?

A) 12-bar blues
B) Minor pentatonic solos

2. Metalhead, huh? How do you like your riffs?

A) Fast and melodic
B) Heavy and crushing

3. When you think of solos, which comes to mind?

A) Intricate shredding
B) Long, sustained notes with feeling

3. What’s the most essential in a metal song?

A) Breakdowns
B) Blast beats

3. Which pedal can’t you live without?

A) Distortion
B) Wah-wah

3. What do you mostly play on acoustic?

A) Fingerstyle pieces
B) Strumming along with vocals


You’re a Melodic Shredder!

You love speed, precision, and soaring solos that captivate listeners.

You’re a Metal Virtuoso!

Your solos aren’t just fast, they tell a story, filled with emotion and technique.

You’re a Core Enthusiast!

For you, a good breakdown can make a song, and you live for those moments.

You’re a Blast Beat Master!

Speed and aggression are key. You appreciate the raw power of metal drumming.

You’re a Hardcore Rocker!

You love the raw energy and power of rock music. Your electric guitar and distortion pedal are your best friends.

You’re a Classic Rock Enthusiast!

You appreciate the nuances in rock music and the expressiveness of the wah-wah pedal.

You’re a Jazz Technician!

You value precision and technique in your playing, making every note count.

You’re a Jazz Improviser!

You love to go with the flow and let your creativity run wild with spontaneous solos.

You’re a Classical Purist!

You respect the traditions and always stick to the sheet music.

You’re a Modern Classical Player!

You appreciate classical music but aren’t afraid to add your own touch to it.

You’re a Blues Traditionalist!

You love the soul and rhythm of the 12-bar blues.

You’re a Blues Soloist!

For you, blues is all about pouring your heart out in those solos.

You’re an Acoustic Maestro!

You love the intricacies of fingerstyle playing, making melodies dance on your acoustic.

You’re a Sing-Along Acoustic Player!

Your acoustic guitar is the perfect companion for your voice, together making beautiful music.