Squier Catalog 1996

In the ’90s, Squier had established itself as a reliable choice for musicians looking for instruments that offered good value for their money. The 1996 catalog featured classic guitar models like the Stratocaster and Telecaster, both known for their timeless designs and versatile tones. These guitars were available in various configurations, allowing players to choose their preferred body styles, pickups, and finishes.

One of the notable features of the 1996 Squier catalog was the inclusion of the “Affinity” series. This series aimed to provide even more budget-friendly options for those just starting their musical journey.

The catalog also showcased a selection of Squier bass guitars, which had gained popularity among bassists for their affordability and solid performance. Bassists had the option to choose from models like the Precision Bass and Jazz Bass.

In addition to guitars and basses, the Squier catalog featured amplifiers, accessories, and information on the Squier’s history and commitment to providing instruments that musicians could trust.

Squier PDF Catalog 1996