Ibanez Catalog 2006

The Ibanez 2006 catalog presented an exhilarating lineup with the esteemed RG series, a staple for rock and metal guitarists; the versatile S series, known for its sleek body design; and the SA series, which melds the S body shape with a conventional pickup configuration. The catalog also spotlighted the new ART series, offering a contemporary twist on the classic single-cutaway design. Bassists had a choice between the slender-necked, fast-action SR series and the traditionally styled BTB series, each catering to different playing styles and preferences.

You’ll find bellow 4 guitar catalogs and Ibanez the amplifier catalog of 2006. Enjoy immersing yourself in the catalogs, a curated collection of instruments crafted for every type of musician.

Ibanez Catalog 2006 PDF

Ibanez 2006 Acoustic USA Catalog

Ibanez 2006 Acoustic EU Catalog

Ibanez Catalog 2006 Artcore Custom

Ibanez 2006 Amp Catalog

Thank you for watching and exploring the innovative world of Ibanez as presented in the 2006 catalogue.