Gibson Catalog 1979

The ’79 catalog featured a variety of Gibson’s classic models, such as the Les Paul, the SG, the ES-335, and many others, showcasing both traditional designs and new twists.

The instruments reflected the distinctive aesthetic and technical preferences of the Norlin era, including heavier bodies and diverse material choices like maple necks and multi-piece body constructions.

Gibson Catalog PDF 1979 Norlin

Gibson Catalog 1979 Product News

Gibson Product News 1979, served as a promotional and informational magazine, sharing updates, artist features, and news about Gibson’s products and events. It was an attempt to engage more directly with the musicians and consumers, providing insights into the company’s developments, artist endorsements, and broader industry trends.

We are thankful for those who take a moment to look through the Gibson catalog and Gibson News from 1979, offering a window into the legacy and craftsmanship of this iconic era at Gibson. Whether you are a player, collector, or simply a fan of the brand, these publications provide a nostalgic journey into the music scenes of the late ’70s.