Gibson Catalog 1960

In 1960 Gibson was at the pinnacle of its golden era. The 1960 catalog featured a range of electric and acoustic guitars, including the highly coveted Les Paul Standard with its sunburst finish, which has since become a collector’s gem due to the limited number of originals produced.

The catalog also showcases other notable models such as the ES-335, which was relatively new at the time, having been introduced in 1958, and a variety of archtops like the L-5CES and Super 400CES, revered for their craftsmanship and tone.

Furthermore, the 1960 catalog provided players with a look at Gibson’s flattop acoustic range, including the J-45, J-200, and the Hummingbird, which was introduced that year and is celebrated for its rich tone and distinctive decorative pickguard.

Gibson Catalog PDF 1960

Exploring the Gibson Catalog of 1960 is a journey back to a defining moment in guitar history.