Fender Catalog 1983

The Fender catalog from 1983 is a comprehensive guide that features the traditional lineup of Fender guitars and basses, as well as the newest additions and updates to their classic models.

Here you can find two Fender Japan Catalogs, plus two Fender & Squier Japanese Catalogs from 1983.

Fender Catalog PDF 1983 (Japan)

The Japanese catalog 1983 introduced the burgeoning market in Japan to Fender’s renowned instruments. This catalog was significant for featuring models that were made in Japan. Japanese-made Fenders were crafted with a high level of precision and quality control, offering more affordable options without compromising on the quality that the Fender name was known for.

Fender Japanese Catalog 1983

Furthermore, 1983 marked a notable year with the introduction of the Fender and Squier catalog specifically for Japan. The Squier brand was created as a response to the rising demand for budget-friendly instruments that retained the Fender legacy in feel and tone.

The Japanese Fender and Squier catalog highlighted these models, showcasing a range of instruments that were accessible to a wider array of players while still maintaining the standard set by Fender’s American-made instruments.

Fender & Squier Catalog 1983 (Japan)

Fender & Squier Japanese Catalog 1983 Part II

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