Epiphone Catalog 1951

In 1951, Epiphone’s product advertisements and flyers displayed the company’s robust selection of string instruments, crafted with the expertise that musicians had come to expect from the brand in the burgeoning music scene of the post-World War II era. These promotional materials directly showcased the quality and artisanship of Epiphone products, targeting musicians seeking instruments of high caliber.

The advertisements shined a spotlight on Epiphone’s line of electric and acoustic guitars, with premium models like the Emperor and the Deluxe taking center stage. These instruments, known for their fine detailing and superior playability, attracted a professional clientele who demanded excellence both in sound and appearance. Electric models like the Zephyr and Century were also featured, celebrated for their innovative pickups that offered clarity and volume necessary for the evolving styles of jazz and pop music.

Epiphone 1951 Zephyr Emperor Promo Card

Epiphone PDF 1951 Product Adverts & Flyers

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