Signature Guitars

Signature guitars are like the sonic fingerprint of a musician. They encapsulate the unique style, preferences, and sonic desires of the artist whose name they bear. These guitars are the result of extensive collaboration between the artist and the manufacturer, aimed at creating an instrument that is a true reflection of the artist’s musical identity.
Let’s dive into the stories behind these unique instruments, exploring their origins, iconic models, and the musicians who wield them.

Bono Signature Guitar

While Bono is primarily known as a U2 frontman rather than a guitarist, his collaboration with Gretsch, resulting in the G6136I Bono Falcon, is something that needs to be talked about. It’s a guitar that brings together the design aesthetics of Gretsch with the unique flair of Bono.

Bob Weir Guitars

Bob Weir’s collaboration with D’Angelico brought forth two beauties that perfectly encapsulate his spirit and style: the D’Angelico Premier Bob Weir Bedford and the D’Angelico Deluxe Bob Weir Bedford.

Bob Marley Signature Guitar

Bob Marley wasn’t just a man with a guitar; he was a force of nature. With his trusty guitar by his side, he wasn’t just creating music; he was creating history. It’s only fitting, then, that a legendary musician of his stature would have a guitar befitting his legacy. Enter the Guild A-20 Marley Natural.

Bob Balch Signature Guitar

Bob Balch’s journey in the world of music is a testament to passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of one’s craft. His collaboration with Reverend Guitars to create his signature model is a reflection of his musical journey, encapsulating his style, ethos, and spirit.

Billy Duffy Signature Guitar

Over the years, Billy Duffy’s relationship with his guitars has evolved, with various instruments bearing the weight of his talent. Among these, the partnership with Gretsch has resulted in the creation of a signature guitar that reflects Duffy’s artistry, ethos, and passion for music.

Ben Gibbard Signature Guitar

When a musician of Gibbard’s caliber consistently chooses a particular instrument, it’s a testament to its quality and adaptability. Enter the Fender Ben Gibbard Mustang, a guitar that carries with it the weight of Gibbard’s legacy and Fender’s renowned craftsmanship.

Bill Kelliher Guitars

It’s no wonder that ESP, known for its premium quality guitars tailored to the needs of professional musicians, decided to collaborate with Bill to produce signature models that carry his personal touch and suit his aggressive yet melodic playing style. Let’s dive deep into the world of Bill Kelliher and his signature ESP models.

Ben Weinman Signature Guitar

Over the years, various manufacturers have tried to capture the essence of what makes Ben Weinman’s sound so unique. One such instrument that has been crafted with Ben’s input and stands as a testament to his unique style is the ESP LTD BW-1 Evertune.

Ben Burnley Guitars

Ben Burnley, as a guitarist, has always preferred the deep, rich sounds. His collaborations with ESP have resulted in two fantastic instruments that cater to the specific needs of modern rock guitarists.

Balsac Signature Guitar

The Schecter Balsac E-1 FR is not just as a testament to the guitarist’s prowess but also a symbol of the legacy of GWAR. It’s an extension of Balsac’s persona – audacious, unapologetic, and undeniably metal.