Albert Collins Signature Guitar

Albert Collins, a prominent figure in the blues music scene, was notably referred to as “The Master of the Telecaster,” showcasing his proficiency and distinct style on the Fender Telecaster guitar.

His electrifying performances and unique sound earned him immense respect in the music industry, leading to the creation of the Fender Custom Albert Collins Signature Telecaster, a guitar reflecting the essence of his musical soul.

Fender and Albert

Albert Collins, known as “The Master of the Telecaster,” had a signature style, both in terms of playing and his instrument setup. His primary instrument was a 1966 Fender Telecaster, which became iconic alongside his name.

The Albert Collins Signature Telecaster by Fender Custom Shop, designed to replicate Albert Collins’ own guitar, was introduced in 1990. This model sought to replicate the specific modifications and unique aspects of Collins’ original Tele, offering fans and guitarists a chance to experience a close recreation of the “Master of the Telecaster’s” iconic guitar. Fender aimed to encapsulate Albert’s dynamic sound and style into a guitar that would serve as an extension of his musical vision.

Creating the Albert Collins Signature Telecaster was a meticulous process, with Fender paying close attention to every detail to replicate the distinct features and specifications preferred by Albert. Every aspect, from the wood used for the body to the type of pickups installed, was carefully considered to ensure that the guitar would genuinely reflect Albert’s sound and style.

The pursuit was to create an instrument that would not only satisfy the aficionados of Albert’s music but also inspire a new generation of blues musicians.

Fender Custom Albert Collins Signature Telecaster

The sound of Albert Collins’ Signature Telecaster is as dynamic and expressive as the man himself. It is characterized by its sharp, piercing tones and a raw, gritty texture, replicating the ‘bite’ and ‘sting’ of Albert’s playing. This guitar is equipped to deliver the expressive and emotive sound synonymous with the blues genre, allowing players to explore the rich, resonant soundscapes of blues music, and giving them the freedom to inject their personality into their playing.

Visual Aesthetics and Design Essence

The design, the color palette, and the finish, all represent Albert’s personality and artistic taste. It’s a guitar that carries the spirit and the visual identity of Albert, allowing the players to feel a deeper connection with the music and the legacy of the blues maestro.

Fine-tuning and Technological Integration

Integrating technology and innovation, Fender worked meticulously to fine-tune every component of Albert’s Signature Telecaster, ensuring optimum playability and sonic fidelity. The integration of advanced hardware and meticulous calibration of each component played a crucial role in achieving the desired sound and playability, making it a versatile instrument capable of adapting to various playing styles and musical genres while maintaining its bluesy core.

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Table of Specifications Fender Custom Albert Collins Signature Telecaster

BrandFender Custom
Made inUnited States
SeriesCustom Artist
Left-Handed VersionNo
TypeSolid Body
Body MaterialSelect Ash
Bridge6-Saddle American Vintage Strings-Through-Body Tele
Neck JointBolt-On
Neck MaterialMaple
DecorationBlack Dot
Scale Size25.5″
ShapeC Shape
Frets21 Vintage
Fretboard Radius9.5″
NutSynthetic Bone
Nut Width41.9mm (1.65”)
Switch3 Way
Volume Controls1
Tone Controls1
Bridge PickupFender Custom Shop Texas Special Single-Coil Strat (Single Coil / Passive)
Neck PickupSeymour Duncan ’59 SH-1N (Humbucker / Passive)

In conclusion, the Albert Collins Signature Telecaster is a symphony of legacy and innovation. It’s a guitar that carries the soul of blues music, echoing the artistic brilliance of Albert Collins and serving as a constant inspiration for blues enthusiasts around the globe. Whether you are a seasoned blues musician, an aspiring guitarist, or simply a lover of good music, this guitar invites you to experience the world of blues through the lens of a legend and to become a part of the vibrant and ever-evolving blues community.