Brian Ray Signature Guitar

In the grand tapestry of rock and roll, where legends and their tales intermingle, creating the very fabric that has defined decades of music, certain guitarists stand as threads of gold, shining just a tad brighter. Among those luminous threads is Brian Ray. With a career spanning over four decades, Brian has played alongside giants, proving time and again that he is no mere background figure but a titan in his own right.

While many recognize him as the long-time musical director and guitarist for none other than Sir Paul McCartney, his journey is packed with tales that could fill volumes. So, when a musician of Brian’s stature gets his own signature guitar, it’s not just a new piece of gear; it’s an emblem, a symbol of his legacy. And, oh boy, what a legacy it is!

Let’s journey through the life and times of Brian Ray, dive deep into the nuances of his signature Gibson, and perhaps by the end of our voyage, you might just be itching to pick up that guitar and strum a few notes, hoping to catch a hint of the magic that Brian brings to every stage.

Brian Ray: The Storyteller with a Six-string

To understand the significance of the Gibson Brian Ray 62 SG Junior, one has to first get acquainted with the maestro himself. Born in Southern California in 1955, Brian’s initiation into the world of music was early. By the tender age of 15, he was already a professional musician, playing the Hollywood Sunset Strip with his band. But it was his association with Etta James in his early days that truly thrust him into the limelight.

For 14 years, Brian played alongside Etta, absorbing the essence of pure rhythm and blues, and this experience would go on to shape his musical identity. But it wasn’t just about playing the guitar. Brian’s versatile talents were evident as he took on songwriting and producing roles as well.

In 2002, Brian’s life took a turn that many would consider a dream come true: he joined Paul McCartney’s band. Touring the world, and playing some of the most iconic tracks ever written, Brian became an indispensable part of McCartney’s ensemble, not just as a guitarist, but as a bassist and backing vocalist too.

Throughout his illustrious career, Brian has always been particular about the tools of his trade. And that brings us to the crown jewel of our discussion: The Gibson Brian Ray 62 SG Junior.

Gibson Brian Ray 62 SG Junior

The Legend of the SG

Before we dive into the specifics of Brian’s signature model, it’s essential to understand the legend of the SG itself. The Gibson SG, introduced in the early 1960s as a redesigned Les Paul, quickly became a favorite among rock and blues players. Its lightweight body, fast-playing neck, and powerful tones made it an instant classic. Now, imagine combining the legacy of the SG with the expertise of Brian Ray. The result? The Gibson Brian Ray 62 SG Junior.

Design & Craftsmanship

A glance at the Gibson Brian Ray 62 SG Junior, and you’re immediately met with an air of vintage elegance. Designed after Brian’s own 1962 SG Junior that he’s played on many McCartney tours, this guitar captures the vintage vibe but with modern enhancements.

Built with a solid mahogany body, the guitar boasts the classic single-cutaway design of the SG. It’s lightweight, making it perfect for those long gigs and intense stage performances. The slim taper neck profile ensures smooth playability, allowing for quick transitions and solos.

Sporting a beautiful white finish, the guitar exudes an air of vintage charm. The aged look, combined with a black pickguard and nickel hardware, makes it a visual delight. But it’s not all about looks. The guitar has been crafted to withstand the rigors of touring. The wraparound bridge ensures stable tuning, and the vintage deluxe tuners with white buttons not only add to the aesthetic but also ensure precision tuning.

Pickups & Sound

What sets the Brian Ray 62 SG Junior apart is its sound. Equipped with a single powerful P-90 pickup at the bridge, this guitar roars. The P-90, known for its wide range of tones, can deliver biting highs, punchy mids, and resonant lows. Whether you’re belting out a rock number or serenading with some blues, this guitar has got you covered.

Brian, being the perfectionist he is, wanted more versatility. Hence, the guitar features an Orange Drop capacitor, allowing players to roll off the highs without losing clarity, making for a more versatile tonal palette.

Specification Table Gibson Brian Ray 62 Sg Junior

Made in:United States
Series:Artist Collection
Left-Handed Version:No
Type:Solid Body
Body Material:Solid Mahogany
Bridge:ABR-1 with convertible options
Neck Joint:Set
Fretboard:Indian Rosewood
Neck Material:Solid Mahogany, Long Tenon, Hide Glue Fit
Decoration:Custom Celluloid Trapezoid
Scale Size:24.75″
Shape:Custom 1962 Slim Taper
Thickness:1st Fret: 0.83” (21.1mm) – 12th Fret: 0.94” (23.9mm)
Frets:22 Jumbo
Fretboard Radius:12″
Nut Width:43mm (1.693”)
Switch:0 Way
Pickup Mods:Multi-Voicing
Volume Controls:1
Tone Controls:1
Bridge Pickup:Gibson Custom Dog-Ear P90 w/ Switchable Induction Coil Circuit (Humbucker / Passive)

Brian Ray’s journey, from the Hollywood Sunset Strip to touring with one of the greatest musicians of all time, is nothing short of legendary. The Gibson Brian Ray 62 SG Junior is a culmination of that journey. It’s not just a guitar; it’s a piece of history, a testament to Brian’s unparalleled contributions to the world of music.

Whether you’re an aspiring guitarist or a seasoned pro, this guitar promises not just unmatched quality but also a piece of the legacy that is Brian Ray. So, the next time you strum those strings, close your eyes and let the music take you on a journey, a journey through decades of rock and roll, guided by the maestro himself.

If you’re going to be the proud owner of a Brian Ray 62 SG Junior, one of the first steps in assessing its authenticity is to check its serial number in the Gibson serial number database.