AMT Electronics SS-20 – Studio Series 3-channel Tube Guitar Preamp

The AMT Electronics SS-20 Studio Series 3-Channel Tube Guitar Preamp is rapidly gaining fame globally for its remarkable tube distortion, particularly loved by heavy metal guitarists. Building on the success of its sibling, the SS-11 preamp, the SS-20 was crafted with a focus on tight, crunchy, and aggressive guitar playing styles.

This compact, tube valve-driven pedal delivers stunning Clean, Overdrive, Distortion, and Lead tones. We are pushing the limits of pedal technology, providing high-end guitar tone pedals at an affordable price. The SS-20 is bound to become a staple on many guitarists’ pedalboards. Our design philosophy is that the valve should be the star, with the transistors playing a supportive role, helping to bring out the valve’s beauty and authenticity. This pedal is a great alternative to costly amplifier heads.

Key Features of the SS-20 include:

  • High-quality, high-voltage triode feed.
  • The complete removal of operational amplifiers usually used in hybrid preamps for sound amplification and processing.
  • The use of special semi-conductor amplifiers that model triode-based harmonics and provide the necessary signal amplitude for high-grade valve operation.

To fully unlock the potential of the input valve cascades under extreme conditions, a massive amplitude of over 100 volts is required. The dynamic properties characteristic of valve-based preamps are achieved in the SS-20 by removing signal limiting OA (feed level of 20-25V) in the preliminary amplification stage and using special cascades that can reach a 250V amplitude with nonlinearity similar to a 12AX7 triode. This allows us to maintain the full dynamic characteristics of the guitar signal without the typical hybrid “squeeze,” giving the SS-20 its unique sound character.

We also gave special attention to the clean channel, preserving the dynamics of the guitar signal while creating the soft “nonlinearity” typical of vacuum triode cascades. This approach also helped us avoid the “squeeze” and “refinement” often found in many hybrid devices’ clean channels.

SS-20 Architecture:

  • Two high-quality channels, CLEAN and DRIVE, with the option of operating the Drive channel in two primary modes: moderate sensitivity (CRUNCH) and high sensitivity (LEAD).
  • Effects Loop Send and Return.
  • Capability to work with both direct unaltered signals for guitar amplifier heads, combos, and speakers (OUTPUT jack), as well as speaker cabinet compensated output for mixing consoles, computers, or other recording devices.

The preamp’s internal structure is designed to maximize the amplification and nonlinear transformation of the valve component. Thus, the semi-conductor part of the hybrid doesn’t limit the sound (except when the preamp is used in LEAD mode at a Gain LEAD level higher than 7), and the entire spectrum is shaped by the valve preamp part.

The SS-20 employs a unique cabinet emulator only in direct out mode, which models the amplitude-frequency characteristics of guitar amplification systems for accurate reproduction and easy direct recording. Furthermore, it mimics the nonlinearity of dynamic head typical to instrumental speakers, coloring the output signal with short-range harmonics to give it a lively and realistic feel.

Technical Information: Power: External Adapter AC 120V-240V 12V DC 1.25A Tubes: 1 x 12AX7 – 12.6V (6.3V) Anode Voltage: DC 290V

Outputs/Inputs: Amplifier Output – For connecting to a combo Mixer Output – For connecting to a mixer/recorder Effects Loop Send and Return Input In

Left F Switch – DRIVE effect on/off
Right F Switch – DISTORTION effect on/off

Condition: USED (MINT).
PRICE: 266,00 EURO.

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