Jackson Catalog 2008

The Jackson 2008 catalog presented an extensive array of guitars, designed for musicians dedicated to heavy music genres. The catalog underscored Jackson’s commitment to combining masterful craftsmanship with the bold, aggressive designs and performance features that are integral to metal and hard rock.

Highlighted within the catalog were Jackson’s iconic models, including the Rhoads, King V, Soloist, and the Kelly series. Each was engineered for high impact, both visually and sonically, catering to the specific needs of the modern shredder.

The artist signature series, which showcased collaborations between Jackson and renowned musicians, highlighted custom specifications tailored to each artist’s unique preferences.

You can find below 2 Jackson Price Lists of 2008 and Jackson Catalog 2008-2009.

Jackson Catalog 2008 Price List (June)

Jackson Price List 2008 July

Jackson 2008-2009 PDF Catalog

Thank you for taking the time to reminisce about the offerings of the Jackson 2008 catalog, a reflection of the brand’s unyielding commitment to excellence for the discerning metal and rock guitarist.