Jackson Catalog 2003

The 2003 Jackson Catalog was a blast of fresh air for guitar enthusiasts everywhere. That year, Jackson rolled out some serious heavy hitters, including the sleek Soloist and the ferocious Rhoads models, which were already well on their way to becoming legends in their own right. The catalog didn’t skimp on variety either, offering everything from the gritty tones of the entry-level JS series to the precision-crafted USA models.

And let’s talk about the signature models – these were the axes that the pros wielded on stage. They were kitted out with custom specs that could make any guitar player drool with envy. From Mick Thomson’s brutal tonal demands to the ultra-refined Scott Ian models, the 2003 catalog was like a who’s who of the metal guitar pantheon.

Flip through these pages, and you might just feel the urge to plug in and crank it up, no matter where you are.

Jackson Catalog 2003

Jackson Price List 2003

Thank you for taking a trip down memory lane with us, checking out the epic Jackson lineup from 2003. It’s a reminder of the times when these guitars were breaking new ground and setting the stage for countless performances around the globe.