Jackson Catalog 1986

The Jackson catalogs from 1986 represent a pivotal time in the company’s history, with two distinct collections that catered to a growing base of enthusiastic guitarists.

The San Dimas catalog captured the original essence of Jackson’s commitment to building high-performance guitars. It was a celebration of the company’s early days and the original custom shop philosophy where each instrument was a creation tailored to the player’s needs, offering a combination of playability, tone, and custom options that were second to none.

The Ontario catalog featured after the company’s move from San Dimas, it continued to emphasize the brand’s dedication to high-quality craftsmanship and innovation in guitar design. It highlighted models that were rapidly becoming the standard bearers for the modern guitarist, like the sleek and aggressive Soloist and the Rhoads models, with their sharp angles and cutting tone.

Have a great time exploring the 1986 Jackson Ontario and San Dimas catalogs. Enjoy seeing all the innovative designs and the variety of custom options they offered back in the day.

Jackson Catalog 1986 San Dimas

Jackson Catalog 1986 Ontario

Thanks for taking a trip through the Jackson catalogs of 1986. We hope you enjoyed this slice of guitar history and the unique offerings from both the Ontario and San Dimas periods that helped shape the direction of rock and metal music.