Gibson Catalog 1961

The Gibson catalog from 1961 marked the debut of a revolutionary guitar that became an iconic instrument in rock history — the Gibson SG. Initially introduced as a new version of the Gibson Les Paul, the SG (Solid Guitar) featured a distinctive, slim double-cutaway body that offered easier access to the higher frets, a major innovation that appealed to a wide range of guitarists.

The catalog showcased the SG’s sleek design, its lightweight and beveled edges, and the two powerful humbucking pickups that delivered a punchy and warm tone, which soon became a hallmark of the Gibson sound. The SG models highlighted in the catalog, with their various features and appointments, provided options for different levels of players, from the entry-level SG Junior to the more deluxe SG Standard.

Gibson Catalog PDF 1961 SG

Thank you for delving into the Gibson Catalog of 1961 with us. The introduction of the Gibson SG marked a pivotal moment in music history, offering innovative design and sound that have continued to resonate with musicians around the world for decades. We’re grateful for the chance to explore these classic instruments with enthusiasts like you.