Gibson Catalog 1960

The Gibson Catalog of 1960 is a vintage treasure trove, detailing a lineup of guitars that are now considered classics. This catalog featured a range of electric and acoustic guitars, including the highly coveted Les Paul Standard with its sunburst finish, which has since become a collector’s gem due to the limited number of originals produced.

In 1960, Gibson was at the pinnacle of its golden era, with the catalog also showcasing other notable models such as the ES-335, which was relatively new at the time, having been introduced in 1958. The catalog included a variety of archtops like the L-5CES and Super 400CES, revered for their craftsmanship and tone.

Furthermore, the 1960 catalog provided players with a look at Gibson’s flattop acoustic range, including the J-45, J-200, and the Hummingbird, which was introduced that year and is celebrated for its rich tone and distinctive decorative pickguard.

Gibson Catalog PDF 1960

Exploring the Gibson Catalog of 1960 is a journey back to a defining moment in guitar history. We appreciate your interest and thank you for taking the time to reflect on these classic instruments with us.