Gibson Catalog 1955

The Gibson catalog of 1955 features a collection of instruments that embody the brand’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and iconic sound. In this catalog, one finds the celebrated Gibson Les Paul, a guitar that began to revolutionize rock and roll with its solid body and innovative electronics.

Alongside the Les Paul, Gibson’s 1955 lineup includes other classics like the ES-175 with its smooth jazz tones and the J-45, known as “The Workhorse” for its rich, versatile acoustic sound. The catalog also highlights Gibson’s range of archtops, flat-tops, electric hollow bodies, and perhaps even their lesser-known but finely crafted mandolins.

Gibson Catalog PDF 1955

We thank you for exploring this slice of Gibson’s history with us, as the 1955 catalog is not just a list of products, but a chapter in the story of modern music. Whether you’re a player, collector, or just a fan, the 1955 Gibson catalog is a reminder of where so much of that story began.