10 Best Electric Guitars With Wide Necks

If you’ve ever felt that your sizable mitts were doing more wrestling than playing when gripping your electric guitar’s neck, it’s time to shed some light on your situation.

What’s The Big Deal? Understanding Neck Widths & Profiles.

Before we shred our way to the main event, it’s essential to know a couple of things. Your playing comfort is largely dictated by two primary factors when it comes to guitars: the neck width and the neck profile.

Neck Width: This refers to the width of the neck at the nut. Those with beefier fingers might want a slightly wider neck to prevent accidental muting or note overlap.

Neck Profiles: These describe the back shape of the neck. They range from ‘C’, ‘U’, ‘V’, and D shapes. The ‘U’ or a thicker ‘C’ profile usually offers more real estate for your hand.

Roll out the red carpet, because here come the best electric guitars tailor-made for those gifted with larger hands:

1. Gibson Les Paul Standard ’50s

Ah, the Gibson Les Paul – iconic, stylish, and beefy. The 50’s models come with a chunkier neck profile reminiscent of the golden days of rock ‘n’ roll. This one’s bound to feel good in your grip, plus that signature Les Paul sound. Unbeatable.

2. Fender American Professional Stratocaster (with Deep “C” Neck Profile)

A twist on an old classic. While some Stratocasters can have slimmer necks, the American Professional version offers a deeper “C” profile. You still get that legendary Strat sound, but with a bit more neck to grip onto.

3. PRS SE Custom 24

Paul Reed Smith guitars are known for their versatility, and the SE Custom 24 is no exception. With a wide-thin neck, it provides ample space for your fingers to roam free. Whether you’re into metal, blues, or jazz, this one’s got you covered.

4. Gretsch G2622 Streamliner

This semi-hollow guitar is not just a looker; it comes with a “Thin U” neck profile. Perfect for jazz hands that need a bit more space. And let’s be real, it’s got that old-school cool vibe nailed down.

5. Ibanez RG Series

For all you metalheads out there, don’t think we forgot about you! Ibanez guitars are famous in the metal world, and many of the RG series comes with a Wizard III neck – it’s wide and flat, perfect for rapid riffing without your fingers getting in the way of each other.

6. Rickenbacker 620

The Lowdown: Rickenbackers are known for their jangly sound and distinct style, and the 620 model comes with a wider neck, perfect for those with larger fingers to navigate.

Why It’s a Fit: Apart from its unique tonal properties, the 620’s wider and flatter fretboard ensures that chord transitions and soloing become more of a breeze for those with bigger hands.

7. ESP LTD EC-401

The Lowdown: The EC-401 is a modern rock and metal classic. Its thin “U” shaped neck profile is slightly chunkier, giving you ample room for aggressive riffing and fast lead work.

Why It’s a Fit: Beyond its heavy tonal capabilities, the neck profile ensures comfort and playability, making it ideal for prolonged jam sessions.

8. Fender Jazzmaster

The Lowdown: A favorite among indie-rockers and shoegazers, the Jazzmaster offers a unique tonal palette and a comfortably wide neck.

Why It’s a Fit: Its offset body combined with a substantial neck ensures that both rhythm and lead parts can be played with ease, without feeling cramped.

9. Martin DX Johnny Cash (Acoustic-Electric)

The Lowdown: While primarily known for its acoustics, Martin’s tribute to the Man in Black offers an electric acoustic with a wider neck, making it perfect for those looking for something versatile.

Why It’s a Fit: This guitar provides the depth of an acoustic with the added benefit of electric amplification, making it a great companion for those seeking to diversify their sound without compromising on comfort.

10. Schecter Omen 6

The Lowdown: Schecter guitars are known for their aggressive tones and durability. The Omen 6, with its wider neck, provides balanced playability for both chords and lead parts.

Why It’s a Fit: For metal and rock enthusiasts, this guitar not only delivers a punchy sound but also ensures that your fingers have all the space they need for intricate fretwork.

Handy Tips for Big-Handers Scouting For Their Six-Stringed Soulmates:

  1. Give It A Whirl: Seriously, head to a store and play the thing. It’s the only way to truly know if it’s right for you.
  2. It’s Not Just About The Neck: While the neck is super important, consider the string spacing as well. Wider spacing can be a boon for bigger fingers.
  3. Pickups Matter: The guitar’s feel is vital, but remember, the sound is paramount. Ensure the pickups suit the genre you play.
  4. Customization is Key: Sometimes, you might find a guitar that’s almost perfect. Remember, things like the nut can be swapped out to adjust string spacing.

The world of electric guitars is vast, and there’s no reason your hands should hold you back. Remember: in music, size doesn’t restrict; it just offers different opportunities.

Guitar selection goes beyond just the dimensions. The wood type, pickups, and overall build quality play a significant role in shaping your sound. So while a comfortable grip is essential, don’t overlook the tonal properties of the guitar. Your guitar should resonate with not just your hands but also your heart.