Best Death Metal Bands

20 Best Death Metal Bands

When it comes to sheer power, technicality, and well, deathly vibes, nothing quite does it like death metal. If you’re ready to dive into the world of guttural growls, insane guitar riffs, and blast beats that’ll knock your socks off, you’re in the right place.

Here’s a list of the 20 best death metal bands of all time:

1. Death

Let’s start with the band that arguably kickstarted the entire genre. Led by the late, great Chuck Schuldiner, Death wasn’t just a band; they were pioneers. From their debut album “Scream Bloody Gore” to the more progressive sounds of “The Sound of Perseverance,” Death redefined what metal could sound like.

2. Morbid Angel

These guys are pure death metal royalty. Emerging from the swamps of Florida, Morbid Angel brought a more technical edge to the scene. Albums like “Altars of Madness” and “Covenant” remain genre classics, mixing sheer brutality with complex song structures.

3. Cannibal Corpse

If there ever was a band that embodied the graphic imagery and brutality of death metal, it’s these guys. With album covers that could give nightmares and songs like “Hammer Smashed Face,” Cannibal Corpse might be too much for the faint-hearted, but for die-hard fans, they’re everything!

4. Obituary

Staying in the Floridian realm, Obituary brought a groovier, doom-laden edge to death metal. Their sound was less frenetic but no less heavy. Check out “Slowly We Rot” and “Cause of Death” if you want to hear death metal with a swampy, crushing vibe.

5. Possessed

Some might argue that Possessed’s “Seven Churches” is THE first death metal album. Whether you agree or not, there’s no denying the band’s impact. Raw, fast, and demonic, they laid down a template that many would follow.

6. Carcass

Hailing from the UK, Carcass started off grindcore but evolved into one of the finest death metal acts, especially with their masterpiece “Heartwork.” They masterfully blended melody with aggression, a balance many bands still strive for.

7. Dying Fetus

If you’re into your death metal with a side of technical wizardry, Dying Fetus is for you. These guys can play! Mixing elements of grindcore and slam, their songs are a masterclass in controlled chaos.

8. Suffocation

From New York, Suffocation added a darker, more brooding intensity to death metal. Their breakdowns are legendary, and their influence can be seen in countless bands that followed.

9. Nile

Ever wondered what death metal inspired by Ancient Egyptian themes would sound like? Look no further. Nile brings history lessons with their brutality. The result? A unique blend of historical narratives and sheer technical prowess.

10. Arch Enemy

Though they started off more as melodic death metal, Arch Enemy’s blistering solos and powerful vocals (both from Johan Liiva and later, Angela Gossow) earned them a spot among the elite.

11. At The Gates

From the chilly realms of Gothenburg, Sweden, At The Gates gave us what’s widely regarded as one of the most influential melodic death metal albums of all time – “Slaughter of the Soul.” Combining earworm melodies with traditional death metal ferocity, they’re a must-listen for any metal aficionado.

12. Deicide

When it comes to pure blasphemous content, few can rival Deicide. Led by the notorious Glen Benton, their self-titled debut and albums like “Legion” are masterclasses in anti-religious themes and relentless musical aggression.

13. Bloodbath

Originally started as a side project by members of Opeth and Katatonia, Bloodbath is pure old-school death metal worship. With albums like “Resurrection Through Carnage” and “Nightmares Made Flesh,” they pay homage to the early days of the genre.

14. Entombed

Coming straight from Stockholm, Entombed was instrumental in crafting the classic “Swedish death metal sound,” characterized by the buzzsaw guitar tone. “Left Hand Path” remains a definitive statement of intent for the genre.

15. Cryptopsy

Canada’s Cryptopsy is for those who like their death metal intricate and challenging. Their 1996 album “None So Vile” is a beast of technical proficiency and sheer brutality.

16. Behemoth

Though they began as a black metal outfit, Poland’s Behemoth transitioned to a blackened death metal sound that’s both majestic and terrifying. Frontman Nergal’s commanding presence and the band’s epic songwriting make them stand out.

17. Bolt Thrower

Hailing from the UK, Bolt Thrower’s war-themed brand of death metal is both crushing and memorable. With a consistent theme revolving around war and conflict, their albums are like sonic tank assaults.

18. Vader

Another gem from Poland, Vader has been delivering consistent death metal goodness since the 80s. Their sound is direct, in-your-face, and always reliable.

19. Autopsy

Coming from the early days of the American death metal scene, Autopsy offers a rawer, doom-infused take on the genre. Their debut, “Severed Survival,” is a gritty slice of death metal history.

20. Gojira

While some may argue they’re more of a progressive or technical death metal band, there’s no denying the sheer force and originality of France’s Gojira. They’ve been pushing boundaries and bringing environmental themes to the forefront of heavy metal.