Taylor Guitars Catalog 2017

A year filled with a myriad of emotions, developments, and tunes. For those who found solace in the embrace of melodies, or those who expressed their spirit with the strum of a string, it was a particularly notable year. Why, you ask? Well, it was the year that Taylor Guitars released one of their most enthralling catalogs.

Now, Taylor Guitars isn’t just another name in the vast ocean of luthiers. No, they’re a beacon, a testament to craftsmanship, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of acoustic excellence. So, when they released their 2017 catalog, it wasn’t just a mere list of guitars with corresponding prices. It was a narrative, an anthology, a melody written not in notes, but in words and pictures. Let’s delve into this rhythmic tale, shall we?

Taylor Guitars Price List 2017